Some of our latest reviews.

"Personalized for student"

-- Judy V

Aug 28, 2023

"Knowledgeable, friendly, will to help kids with different challenges."

-- Linda M

Aug 27, 2023

"Tailored to our daughter, not one size fits all"

-- Tawna D

Dec 13, 2022

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"I like how the whole system works and how the tutoring is very helpful ”

--Alicia M

Nov 09, 2022


"Our tutor really connects with our son. ”

--Erin S

Nov 09, 2022


"Very flexible and in time communication.”

--Judy W

Oct 19, 2022


"Post/session reports ”

--Jennifer C

Oct 19, 2022


"Consistent, great pairing with my developmentally disabled sister.”

--Fendi D

Oct 05, 2022


"We really enjoy the tutors! The matching was great!”

--Pam C

Sep 07, 2022


"We've always had Justine and she has a very strong bond with the kids and has helped them learn!”

--Julia P

Aug 10, 2022


"caring, kind and knowledgeable tutors. Our daughter has become more motivated and engaged in her education. She has made a lot of progress this year thanks to her tutor. We also appreciate that he communicates well and is accommodating to our location and schedule. ”

--Greta C

Aug 10, 2022


"Great tutor. Very easy to work with”

--Jennifer H

Jul 14, 2022


"Emmie is AMAZING. She is so patient and supportive and tailors every lesson to the topics that will be more relevant in my day to day communications. I've already recommended Tutor Doctor to several friends and will continue to do so!”

--Lorii R

Jul 13, 2022


"Our tutor,Meg, is quite simply amazing. She is patient, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable. She understands our sons learning challenges and teaches in a way he can relate with. Amazing. ”

--Rhonda R

Jul 06, 2022


"Incredible tutor with experience. Easy and efficient communication. ”

--Erin H

Jun 24, 2022


"The tutors have all been punctual, respectful, and very helpful, and they have maintained great communication. ”

--Melanie A

Jun 24, 2022


"I love the dedication your team provides to my 11 year old son”

--Karen G

Jun 23, 2022


"Level of support and flexibility ”

--Irene H

Jun 23, 2022


"Our children were professionally matched with tutors that specifically helped their particular issues and personalities. We saw great success. ”

--Margarita F

May 26, 2022


"Kind smart responsive. Everything you court ask for ”

--Shelly J

May 25, 2022