Some of our latest reviews.

"I will definitely mention Tutor Doctor to friends and colleagues. "

-- Laura F

Nov 05, 2020

"That Tudor Doctor teachers tailor instruction to meet the individual students learning style. "

-- Steve F

Aug 06, 2020

"The personal 1:1. Positive attitude of tutors. It takes pressure off me! "

-- Tracy A

Jul 22, 2020

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"Barb worked hard to find the perfect tutor that fit our family needs. Bobbi our tutor created a great summer lesson plan based on each child's interest incorporating reading and math into fun activities. They look forward for her to come every week.”

--Tami N

Jul 14, 2020


"The tutor comes to the student—in their environment. ”

--Jean J

Dec 18, 2019


"Wonderful Serviced that found the perfect Tutor for my Son. He enjoyed the session and got caught up quick. His ACT Tutoring was top notch and he raised his score from a 30 to a 33 with the help of his Tutor. Tutor Doctor is worth every penny you put into it!”

--Trista K

Nov 07, 2019


"The tutoring is very specific to your child’s needs.”

--Char B

Aug 14, 2019


"The ease of the whole process is worth paying for so I don't have to think about it or take the time to find someone.”

--Hope A

Jul 03, 2019


"Our Tutor did everything she could to assist our teen with her studies in multiple subjects. was very flexible in scheduling with us when we needed her to be. ”

--Paul H

Jun 05, 2019


"convenience and results”

--Kristi C

May 08, 2019


"We have worked with tutors that have been able to meet with my son one or two times a week depending on our availablitly. My son has worked with some great people.”

--Darrel D

May 05, 2019


"Very professional”

--Rachel S

May 03, 2019


"They found us a great Tutor who is willing to go above and beyond. Even allows our daughter to text her during week for extra help”

--Paul H

Feb 28, 2019


"Streamlined process & making us feel at ease with assigning the right fit for a tutor for our son. ”

--Rachael B

Dec 10, 2018


"Your team was extremely quick at contacting me when I sent the original online request. I sent the request at midnight on a Friday night and they called me by 9am on Saturday morning! Barb was in contact with me within a day after my initial contact. They found a tutor for my son within a week! Thank you so much!”

--Amy B

Aug 29, 2018


"They listen to your specific needs and match a tutor to assist meeting those needs. ”

--Char B

Aug 23, 2018


"We received excellent service from the point of initial contact with Tutor Doctor. Barb Hugelen returned my phone call inquiring about services within a few minutes. We set up a time for Barb to come to our home later that week to meet our kids and our meet and greet with our fantastic tutor (Hanna) happened shortly after that. Both Barb and Hanna are caring, knowledgeable and professional team members. This has been a great experience for our family. Thank you!”

--Shayla L

Jul 08, 2018


"Malaura Flom is amazing!!!!”

--Marcy E

May 20, 2018


"Tutor is matched to student with great care. We like the convenience and security of the tutoring services being at home.”

--Kristina M

May 03, 2018


"The tutor coming to our home allowing our daughter to feel comfortable. ”

--Kari H

Apr 11, 2018