Some of our latest reviews.

"Professional, quick to respond"

-- Sarah B

Apr 15, 2021

"I love absolutely EVERYTHING about your service! From the specific focus on my child's needs to the convenience factor of the lessons being held in our home."

-- Alexandra S

Apr 13, 2021

"Personalized teaching Flexibility Immediate improvement "

-- Sande F

Apr 01, 2021

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"It's very personalized with tutors that really care about your child and are passionate about helping children learn.”

--Michelle K

Mar 31, 2021


"Ease of scheduling times. Dealing with a person and not a machine. Care of my childs weaknesses and strengths”

--Olivia S

Mar 17, 2021


"Very wonderful having a tutor doc! Extremely helpful! ”

--Finley W

Mar 03, 2021


"Tailored plan to fit my child’s needs and excellent tutoring experience!”

--Susan L

Feb 17, 2021


"We love the tutor that was chosen for Jaylen. Great choice”

--Rachael R

Feb 17, 2021


"The ease of it. The tutor aligned to my gauge tee is amazing!!”

--Robyn G

Feb 03, 2021


"Convenience of tutors coming to your home , communication of the report after each session.”

--Randy L

Jan 30, 2021


"You have inspired Luke my grandson to work harder and the encouragement has been such a help to him, explaining how to do this math has really been a blessing to him. He now wants to do his work as before he was in a rut and did not know what to do as he had fell so far behind. Thanks for all your support from management to the tutor, we will keep using your services as this is working great.”

--Linda D

Jan 27, 2021


"I like the flexibility with the tutor. I like the great communication with them. I midline the tutor who was assigned to us. Thank you, Tutor Dr.”

--Lu B

Jan 06, 2021


"Our tutor is amazing with my sons. Very knowledgeable and professional ... very thorough in his teaching”

--Stacy S

Dec 17, 2020


"Quick response and follow up; very easy to work with and make special accommodations due to COVID adjustments. ”

--Lori A

Nov 12, 2020


"We have a great tutor!”

--Susan L

Nov 12, 2020


"I've only had experience with one tutor, but she has been great! My son has been able to move from full resource classes to transitional and he has an A in math! She is patient and stays on top of gathering information from the teachers to make the tutoring time as efficient as possible. I like the detailed progress reports for each session.”

--Michelle K

Sep 30, 2020


"In-home tutoring Each student is matched with a suitable tutor for their personal needs ”

--Derek M

Sep 30, 2020


"Ms.Barbara is a wonderful lady. Adrian has been showing improvement. He is not fully reading yet, but he has a goal to be able to read on his own by December. I think Barbara will make it happen!”

--Cassandra S

Sep 09, 2020


"Easy process to set up. My favorite is our tutor Kate!! Will Definitely recommend. ”

--Davina B

Apr 08, 2020


"Quick response time and very professional!”

--Rosie L

Mar 11, 2020