Some of our latest reviews.

"The great way y'all matched a tutor to fit my son's personality."

-- Janet S

Apr 08, 2021

"We love Andrew and both kids have gotten their grades back up to an A. He stern but motivates my kids and they need both!"

-- Stacie J

Mar 25, 2021

"I love that you match up our students with tutors that not only know the subject area but also match personalities with my child. "

-- Efren O

Mar 24, 2021

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"Andrew is great with our daughter!!”

--Adrian S

Feb 10, 2021


"Positive results!!!”

--Jami H

Jan 21, 2021


"Prompt to respond. Truly listens to needs of student and parent. Quality tutoring services. Accommodating and works well with student. Highly recommend. ”

--Christi P

Jan 20, 2021


"I love the option for in home tutoring vs sending my daughter to an outside location or doing a zoom session. In person at home helps her focus and feel comfortable to learn. Our tutor Kate C. is so sweet with My daughter. She is excited to learn and actually asks “how long until my tutor gets here dad?” before every session. If your child needs a Tutor, then Tutor Doctor is the way to go!”

--Efren O

Dec 23, 2020


"Custom tutor matching to meet the needs and personality of my son”

--Janet S

Dec 23, 2020


"Responsive, knowledge of subject matter Holds kids accountable, improves confidence ”

--Stacie J

Dec 16, 2020


"The tutor is well matched with my student and has been a great resource for us. The tutor is so smart and pushes my student to think differently about the subject and teaches new techniques for finding the answers.”

--Mary B

Dec 16, 2020


"I like that the tutors we have had tailor the work to what my son likes to do (video games). He can stay engaged longer when it’s something he likes. The tutor seems genuinely interested in helping my son be successful.”

--Jamie O

Dec 09, 2020


"In 6 sessions, my child is already seeing results. ”

--Brandi S

Nov 18, 2020


"The Tutor Doctor has been very easy to work with and have made any adjustments needed to accommodate my child’s needs. ”

--Ammie B

Nov 04, 2020


"The tutor is very patient and very helpful”

--Kara S

Oct 22, 2020


"I love my Tutor her flexible schedule and patience is exactly what I needed. ”

--Doc D

Oct 09, 2020


"I don't have to take my child to a facility ”

--Alisse S

Oct 07, 2020


"Tutors are pre-screened for background and knowledge. They manage the tutors and we are guaranteed someone if the tutor gets flaky (happens sometimes)...”

--Heather K

Sep 18, 2020


"We absolutely love Miss Ivy!! I like that Miss Ivy has gotten to know my son and know when he’s being lazy and how she pushes him to be better. I really feel like she genuinely wants him to be better and she encourages him to be successful.”

--Jamie O

Sep 02, 2020


"I really like our tutor she is amazing. ”

--Leonor P

Jul 31, 2020


"Ease of scheduling and availability of tutors for a range of subjects. The only reason I didn’t give a 10/10 is because we’ve occasionally had college student tutors who knew the subject matter but lacked the ‘teaching’ ability we needed in a tutor. ”

--Suzanne W

Jul 29, 2020