Read Tutor Doctor Greater-Nashville-Area Reviews


"It’s a great service and helpful to people who need academic assistance. ”

--Hamid P

Oct 30, 2019


"Sal is easy to work with. The tutor he found for our son is great. ”

--Matt S

Oct 26, 2019


"The information you get after each session with my daughter is helpful. I also like the structure and organization.”

--Rene C

Oct 24, 2019


"Great job matching child to tutor!”

--Martin G

Apr 25, 2019


"Personal service to search for a tutor who is a good match your child with whatever special needs or learning differences they have. Love that they come to my house on our schedule. Saves us a ton of time!”

--Arthur B

Apr 10, 2019


"Our tutor is a Smart individual that has formed a good working relationship with my son. ”

--Christian R

Apr 03, 2019


"Expectations are clear. I like the weekly reports from our tutor with feedback from the sessions. ”

--Rene C

Mar 06, 2019


"Good customer service. Do what you say you are going to do on all levels”

--Alondo S

Feb 14, 2019


"I really like how the tutor interacts with my daughter”

--Clyde A

Feb 10, 2019


"Friendly with kids and very helpful with homework and learning. ”

--Christine N

Jan 30, 2019


"Responded quickly, On time, reliable, nice & smart tutors”

--Christian R

Jan 10, 2019


"Our tutor is wonderful and very helpful”

--Britton C

Dec 18, 2018


"I love that the tutors are hand-picked to meet the needs of our children's learning differences and personalities. :)”

--Arthur B

Dec 05, 2018


"Always timely and we absolutely love Vicky. Our daughter does so well with her! Thank you. ”

--Adel E

Sep 19, 2018


"I love the people and the flexibility.”

--Stephen H

Sep 11, 2018


"Sam has received outstanding support from the group at Tutor Doctor. We appreciate the effort they put in to find a good a match for his needs and personality.”

--John K

Sep 09, 2018


"We loved Dakota, I wish we could have him again this year!”

--John M

Jul 29, 2018


"All of it”

--Laurie G

Jun 06, 2018


"That the tutor comes to our house.”

--Ginger B

May 15, 2018


"I like the fact that it’s an in home service. Makes it convenient and comfortable setting for my son to focus ”

--Monique J

May 09, 2018