Some of our latest reviews.

"I like the communication, that the tutor can come to our house, and the flexibility of dates and time. And the tutor is very knowledgeable!"

-- Merissa R

May 06, 2020

"We’ve had two tutors and they have both been excellent. They take the responsibility very seriously, and are personally invested in helping my son achieve his academic goals."

-- Rob G

Feb 06, 2020

"Effective, reliable tutoring program provided, by knowledgeable, professional, polite, friendly personnel. Individually tailored to our child's unique requirements and learning style, and conveniently scheduled to provide services that are available within our own home."

-- Katherine P

Jan 23, 2020

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"The results. My daughter has improved tremendously in her performance in math, which is why we had engaged the tutor services.”

--Mark Y

Dec 07, 2019


"that you work with our schedule”

--Merissa R

Nov 18, 2019


"Everything! The communication, working with our schedules and being a huge part of my child’s education ”

--Christina P

Oct 24, 2019


"Prompt, friendly, flexible, tailored services delivered in the privacy of our own home. Written summary of material that is covered during the tutoring session as well as areas highlighting upcoming or next steps for the following session.”

--Katherine P

Oct 17, 2019


"The tutors work with our public school educators and outside therapists to provide sessions that go hand in hand with outside learning and educational goals.”

--Barbara W

Oct 16, 2019


"The tutor initially was teaching above her level but quickly remedied this He made sure she grasped a concept before moving on to the next topic ”

--Kehi O

Aug 08, 2019


"All the tutors have been very knowledgeable and professional and work very well with my kids.”

--Suzan W

Apr 25, 2019



--Heidi R

Mar 13, 2019


" The tutors do a great job. The student provided has done a great job of connecting with my son and we are seeing very good results!”

--Mike K

Feb 21, 2019


"Great tutors, at home, a schedule that fits are family, increasing child's confidence in learning.”

--Anne S

Feb 13, 2019


"Commitment Caring Helpful ”

--Julie C

Feb 13, 2019


"Tutor Doctor does a wonderful job of matching the tutor with the student.”

--Kim S

Feb 13, 2019


"Already have recommended T.D. Terrific experience with our tutor, and the written reports are very beneficial. ”

--Rob G

Jan 16, 2019


"The interview portion was handled very well and ensured a proper tutor assignment.”

--Crystal M

Dec 18, 2018


"The time and consideration they took into pairing up a good tutor for my daughter, whom is a great person and my daughter actually looks forward to to tutoring sessions with her. ”

--Julie C

Nov 14, 2018


"- Our tutor has helped our son with study habits and time management -Our tutor has helped our son understand geometry with immediate increase in his grade -Our tutor has great rapport with our son -Our tutor gives excellent, written feedback for every session”

--Rob G

Oct 18, 2018


"Tutor is matched to the specific needs of my child. We can change tutors as many child’s needs change. Bill Rickman, franchise owner, is a great communicator & facilitator. ”

--Heidi R

Sep 26, 2018