Read Tutor Doctor Harrisburg Reviews


"The tutor”

--Jeff J

May 04, 2016


"the flexability.”

--Paul P

Feb 17, 2016


"We get personalized and timely response from Srini in Mechanicsburg, PA.”

--George J

Feb 11, 2016


"The one on one teaching sessions. Less distractions and home environment create better learning atmosphere.”

--Eric H

Jan 21, 2016


"Professional/patient/dedicated staff, consistent service, detailed reports, good communication”

--Kathleen K

Dec 07, 2015


"One on one tutoring was so much better than a classroom setting for helping my son prepare for the SAT. And, Tutor Doctor matched him with a tutor very quickly - they were able to get started just a few days after I made the inquiry.”

--Laurie S

Oct 04, 2015


"This company was exactly what we were looking for! Very pleased with the everyone that has helped in the process of home tutors. Thank you!”

--Elizabeth R

Oct 03, 2015


"Great follow through. Great quality of tutors. Very flexible company.”

--Kathleen K

Aug 20, 2015


"I like that Brenna comes to our home. It makes for better learning, I think.”

--Melodi W

Aug 12, 2015


"It's a great service and makes it very convenient for the tutors to come to the house. The pricing is a bit hefty but that is understood with the travel factor.”

--Jordan D

Aug 10, 2015


"You provide knowledgable teachers who are professional and flexible with scheduling.”

--Ann B

Aug 05, 2015


"Our tutor so far has been very prompt, gets right down to business with our son, and is very warm, friendly, and engaging with him. She takes a genuine interest in him.”

--Christopher W

Jul 16, 2015


"Friendly and patient”

--Jeff J

Apr 09, 2015


"Our tutor is patient and professional.”

--Billie H

Mar 12, 2015


"My son's tutor is doing an outstanding job, and has.very quickly zeroed in on his needs. His grades are already improving.”

--Tammy L

Feb 20, 2015


"We were in need of a tutor that would fit into our schedule and give our child one on one assistance. Tutor Doctor provides that. Also we have a tutor who is pleasant and seems committed to helping our child in areas she needs more practice/help with.”

--Billie H

Dec 11, 2014


"Flexibility. Our tutor is very good, a great match to my son.”

--Lynn W

Oct 30, 2014


"Just GREAT”

--Mike S

Oct 05, 2014


"One on one sessions with experienced faculty. Personalized sessions that benefit the student.”

--Danette J

Sep 25, 2014


"we like tutor doctor cause they have knowledgeable, reliable people working for them and they are very good with our kids.”

--Abdul M

Sep 24, 2014