Some of our latest reviews.

"Ian is wonderful with Eli. He is flexible but consistent and keeps Eli on track. Eli’s math scores have improved dramatically and when his English started to suffer Ian was ready and willing to pivot and help him with that. Ian has also been helpful with chemistry! Ian’s help has been so apprec..."

-- Tess L

Nov 10, 2021

"Super personalized and specific to my child’s needs. Ian is great about motivating Eli and keeping him on track. "

-- Tess L

Sep 16, 2021

"In person tutoring and the high level of education the tutors have. "

-- Alexandra W

Sep 15, 2021

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"Quality and reliable ”

--Sue A

Sep 09, 2021


"Our tutor Ian is amazing and is extremely knowledgable. I appreciate the follow ups and detailed individual reports. It is obvious that the Tutor Doctors care greatly about their individual students and want to create program that is tailored to best meet that students needs.”

--David W

Aug 29, 2021


"flexible, patient, kind, knowledgeable”

--Tim J

May 05, 2021


"Fits in schedule & seems to be helping”

--Nicole Y

Mar 24, 2021


"Tutor is helpful with child ”

--Ann N

Mar 03, 2021


"The expertise and caring personalities of all we came across at the Tutor Doctor.”

--Kevin P

Oct 07, 2020


"Personalized plan. ”

--Marta H

Sep 30, 2020


"Designed for each individual and helpful in assigning a tutor depending on the kid.”

--Supriya S

Sep 02, 2020


"Mido is awesome!”

--Bill B

Feb 20, 2020


"How it determines for each person where their weaknesses lie in Algebra, then begin tutoring from there.”

--Kevin P

Dec 25, 2019


"The tutor has developed a great relationship with my child. As a result they cover a lot a school material. My son is doing much better at school and has more accountability. ”

--Marta H

Oct 31, 2019


"Great teacher, communication and personable service. ”

--Falguni V

Oct 16, 2019


"I really like the fact that the tutors come to your home and provide services where the child feels most comfortable. Tutor Doctor does a great job of matching the child with a tutor who is the right fit. I would highly recommend Tutor Doctor. ”

--Tonja S

Jul 17, 2019


"Communication and personalized attention.”

--Falguni V

Jul 03, 2019