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"Tutors have been great. I love the flexibility of using my hours.”

--Peggy B

Mar 07, 2013


"Extremely flexible with hours for tutor.eing”

--Fred P

Feb 18, 2013


"everything, professional , caring , always on time and able to get a hold of. The tutor I used was great , well rounded in every subject . Not only helped me with the college course at the time but built my confidence to make me want to learn and do better”

--Dawn C

Feb 13, 2013


"The prompt service, the friendliness, the value, the competence of the tutor we have”

--Lauren C

Jan 30, 2013


"My daughter loves her tutor. She is reliable and a wonderful tutor She helped my daughter to get a 90 average on her repprt card This marking period !! I also love the flexibility on when I can use My hours”

--Peggy B

Dec 06, 2012


"Very professional, was immediate , and always reliable”

--Dawn C

Oct 12, 2012


"I liked that when I needed to switch my child's tutor because of dissimilar personalities there were no questions asked, but you listened to the type of personality we needed and we got exactly what we needed.”

--Christina B

Jul 22, 2012


"My daughter loves her tutor. Tutor doctor listened to what we needed in a tutor and made a great match.”

--Kerri K

Jul 18, 2012


"The flexibility of the scheduling.”

--Donald T

Jul 18, 2012



--Shannon S

Jul 13, 2012


"Zohar runs his company at a high level of professionalism. The tutor was kind, punctual and extremely helpful. Would highly recommend.. thanks again Zo!!”

--Dan R

Apr 23, 2012


"The tutors were all very helpful... flexable with time... and most importantly we got good results... My daughter did much better on the subjects she needed help with.”

--Lauren M

Apr 20, 2012



--Denise F

Apr 18, 2012


"flexible hours for appointments”

--Fred P

Apr 13, 2012


"We are very happy with our tutor!”

--Shannon S

Apr 12, 2012


"Prompt in finding a tutor; and the tutor's skills were great!”

--Trish K

Apr 11, 2012


"Our tutor Alyssa was so wonderful for our daughter's confidence! Her grades went from failing to in the 90's!!! Thank you sooooo much!!”

--June B

Dec 09, 2011


"They are very flexible about scheduling sessions. Things change from week to week and they are extremely cooperative.”

--Fred P

Dec 07, 2011


"We have had success with every tutor we've worked with-great results!”

--Andrea H

Dec 05, 2011


"Zohar really found a tutor who fit all of needs.”

--Frank I

Nov 26, 2011