Some of our latest reviews.

"I got really lucky with Charles. He has been and exceptional tutor. It just so happened that I had signed up with Tutor Doctor when COVID-19 hit. Charles was able to jump right in with sessions and helped my kids - virtually - with assignments and lessons. It was worth every dollar to me. Thank you..."

-- Margarite C

Aug 04, 2020

"Our tutor is wonderful! She is helping our son improve his writing and has motivated him to work harder. Even though they meet virtually, the sessions are engaging. The customer service from Tutor Doctors is also excellent!"

-- Angelica H

Jul 29, 2020

"Leslie is a great tutor. She is making good progress with our son. Using technology is not natural for her and she gets frustrated not being in person, but she has many great teaching tools and skills. "

-- Shannon C

Jul 22, 2020

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"Ms. Kim is amazing with Libby. She redirects Libbys behavior and gets her back on track. I thought the virtual learning for tutoring was not going to work but Ms. Kim is very successful keeping Libbys attention during their session.”

--Alison G

Apr 30, 2020


"Very responsive. Mazen Listened to our needs and was able to get Lauren a teacher that worked very well with Lauren. She's making A's in math now. :-)”

--Jennifer M

Apr 07, 2020


"Private Services for students and tailored to their specific needs.”

--Rita B

Feb 27, 2020


"frequent check ins, come to you, flexible when life happens, kids are making straight a's ”

--Kassie C

Feb 06, 2020


"We have been paired with 2 tutors thus far, both of whom were fantastic. In Adrien’s latest reading assessment (the subject of focus) he scored 100%! Thanks Leslie!”

--Shannon C

Dec 26, 2019


"Personalized home service, matching quality to clients and flexibility of schedules. ”

--Rita B

Nov 28, 2019


"We like that the tutor come to you. They are flexible on day and time and communication is fast and easy. My daughter feels comfortable with our tutor and her grades have improved. ”

--Kassie C

Oct 26, 2019


"I love Tutor Doctor and their services! I feel like it provides my family tailor made education with a strong emphasis on encouraging and not squandering a child’s innate curiosity and desire to learn! I am enamored by the staff and their professionalism that always has the right level of an extension of our family feel!”

--Shavonne Z

Oct 16, 2019



--Rodolfo H

Jul 25, 2019


"In home, highly qualified professionals, and we get to arrange a schedule that works for us!”

--Alexis T

Jun 26, 2019


"Our tutor works well with my son and has worked with our schedule. The director has been very helpful also.”

--Sarah K

Mar 13, 2019


"My daughter’s tutor is amazing. My daughter has several medical issues and Miss Tammie is able to keep her on task with fun games. My daughter is learning without being bored and at her pace.”

--Maria H

Feb 27, 2019


"Friendly. ”

--Cynthia T

Jul 05, 2018