Some of our latest reviews.

"From the first conversation, it was clear that yall cared about the growth of my kids. You are always available for questions and have provided an excellent tutor!"

-- Nicole B

Nov 10, 2021

"Tutor comes to the house. Very good structure and planning "

-- Wendy S

Sep 08, 2021

"We love the seriousness, flexibility and involvement of our new tutor !"

-- Yann C

Sep 01, 2021

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"The tutors are very responsible and they do adjust to your kid specific needs. ”

--Jomara G

Aug 25, 2021


"Connection with my son”

--Baytina S

Jun 30, 2021


"Convenience.thats the big thing... And tutor Doctor son can read ..this pandemic really set Jaborie behind.they really understand Education and what level a child should be...thank you so much tutor Doctor”

--Franklin Y

Jun 24, 2021


"my kids are doing well on zoom with tutoring. Not everyone does. So I love that they're getting additional academic practice, and it is so convenient.”

--Amy W

Jun 02, 2021


"Mazi is awesome and all the tutors are Knowledgeable and very friendly”

--Michelle B

May 20, 2021


"Quality service in my home!”

--Erica S

May 15, 2021


"I love that Tutor Doctor assesses each student and places them with tutors that fit their needs best. I enjoy the tutor session reports. ”

--Veronica F

May 12, 2021


"convenient, flexible, professional”

--Susan S

Apr 29, 2021


"Real understanding of my kids’ needs. ”

--Yann C

Apr 07, 2021


"You guys are absolutely fantastic. I have referred several friends to you!”

--Shannon C

Apr 07, 2021


"One on one tutoring gives my son the opportunity to learn and catch up during this pandemic...tutor Dr is worth every cent.thank you tutor Dr”

--Franklin Y

Mar 17, 2021


"The flexibility. Switching to different subjects as needed is really nice. ”

--Amy W

Mar 11, 2021


"Charles is great! He is so patient with our boys. ”

--Annette S

Mar 10, 2021


"The personalization for my child's current skillset level and goals set for potential skillset goals.”

--Baytina S

Mar 10, 2021


"Tutor Doctor has been great meeting our school's needs. They have been flexible, understanding, and responsive. ”

--Veronica F

Feb 10, 2021


"Quality/credentials of instructor. Convenience of in home service. ”

--Erica S

Jan 20, 2021


"During this tough time of virtual schooling, it is so valuable for my student to have the safe one on one attention to keep his skills advancing! ”

--Shannon C

Jan 14, 2021