Some of our latest reviews.

"The tutors lined up for my son were perfect! Their personalities fit well with my son’s."

-- Kathie R

Jul 22, 2020

"Our tutor takes the time personalize all the lessons. She keeps my son engaged with fun activities."

-- Jaime J

Jul 22, 2020

"The tutors have been very good."

-- marilyn A

Jul 21, 2020

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"The tutors are specific to the area of need. They work with the student to accommodate location of meeting. We have been very pleased with the results of the tutoring.”

--Kelli N

Apr 16, 2020


"Terry is a brilliant man and my son is getting along with him very well. He has shown my son many techniques to help him with math!”

--Heidi D

Apr 15, 2020


"our Tutor is kind, empathetic, and keeps our child on task. We also love the convenience of having someone out to the location we prefer. ”

--Lesley R

Mar 10, 2020


"All the tutors we have had for our kids have been outstanding! Jay is excellent at find the right people!”

--Patricia B

Feb 13, 2020


"My son made a lot of progress in a short tome. The tutor works very well with him.”

--Jaime J

Jan 15, 2020


"Knowledgeable ”

--Marcy G

Dec 05, 2019


"Being able to meet at our home. Matching a student and tutor not only for the subject, but for personality as well. ”

--Jill E

Nov 18, 2019


"Tutor doctor is GREAT! They have the best tutors!”

--Patricia B

Nov 13, 2019


"The tutors are highly knowledgeable and very helpful. They are also able to work around students’ busy schedules. ”

--Angela R

Nov 07, 2019


"Flexible very helpful tutor - Gareth”

--Paula G

Oct 25, 2019


"Great staff and very easy to work with.”

--Kelli N

Oct 24, 2019


"It's really convenient.”

--Samantha B

Oct 16, 2019


"Easy to use”

--Chrissie M

Oct 16, 2019


"I like that you try to find a good fit /personality match between student and tutor. Both our tutors are very patient and kind. The sessions seem to be structured and geared toward our daughter's needs. ”

--Christine T

Aug 14, 2019


"The tutor is friendly, efficient and thorough.”

--Phyliss D

Jul 11, 2019


"Personalized just for my son. We're already seeing improvement and his confidence is increasing. ”

--Paula G

Jul 03, 2019



--Susan H

May 15, 2019