Read Tutor Doctor Melbourne Reviews


"The administration and tutor I have interacted with are proffesional, knowledgeable and personable”

--Nick D

Feb 08, 2017


"Professionnel yet personal ”

--Susan S

Jan 25, 2017



--Kim J

Jan 23, 2017


"Competent and reliable. ”

--Naden G

Jan 11, 2017


"The matching of the tutors according to individual needs. The professionalism Mr and Mrs Foster and our assigned tutor demonstrated, and was on time all the time. ”

--Art M

Jan 06, 2017


"The convenience of the tutor coming to my home and also the tutor my son was assigned is a 5th grade teacher.”

--Julie F

Dec 14, 2016


"My child looks forward to her tutor and has seen improvement in her math skills in a short period of time. Her confidence has gone up and we are seeing all around improvements.”

--Jennifer A

Dec 14, 2016


"Convenience of service in the home and having a tutor that meets the clients needs via knowledge and availablilty.”

--Sonia L

Jul 27, 2016


"I love my son's tutor Mrs Dean, she is great. She has done a great job with him. I am very pleased with her, the progress that she has made with my son, in such a short period of time is phenomenal.”

--Janet N

Jul 27, 2016


"Great communication”

--Luciana W

Jul 13, 2016


"The amount of time we had was structured so that my niece will go into the 5th grade with a better understanding of fractions and decimals so that she will not be so overwhelmed in her math class and should help her use those skills taught to her advantage in math.”

--Peggy M

Jul 06, 2016


"The tutor selected for my child fits her needs. The tutor has the knowledge and experience necessary to help my child and her teacher has seen marked improvement in my child's grades.”

--Lynn S

Jul 06, 2016


"Personalize tutoring that are specific to the child need. Timely and detailed feedback of each session.”

--Loretta R

Jul 01, 2016


"imediately found competent tutors”

--Karen M

Jun 30, 2016


"Flexibility of scheduling.”

--Sandi H

Jun 11, 2016


"Our Tutor Amanda is awesome !! Our daughter has learned so much in just the few months she has been tutoring her.”

--Brian C

May 19, 2016


"Great preparation for standardized testing!”

--Linda D

May 12, 2016


"Friendly tutors. Our daughter gets excited every time it's tutor night.”

--Jim M

May 11, 2016


"I loved how quickly they were able to find me a tutor and how easy they made ot to work out the pricing. Overall a very stress free experience.”

--Nelson H

May 05, 2016


"Convenience and location and flexible scheduling”

--Belinda H

Apr 28, 2016