Some of our latest reviews.

"Tutoring from Tutor Doctor has been really great for my daughter who went from a C average to all As and Bs. We especially love the flexibility with scheduling that accommodates my daughter's busy sports schedule. "

-- Samantha T

Apr 11, 2024

"Excellent tutoring for my daughter and great communication!"

-- Stephanie K

Apr 11, 2024

"That my son is learning algebra and his grade is improving. His tutor is great and seems perfectly compatible to him and his style of learning. The convenience from online is unmatched and the schedule is flexible. We have had such a positive experience since we started last month. "

-- Carina G

Apr 10, 2024

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"The process was simple and fast. The amount of information and the expectations for using their service was clear. Kim did a great job pairing my son with a tutor that works great! I would highly recommend this service to others!”

--Mandy S

Apr 09, 2024


"Feedback reports after each visit; a good match between student and tutor; definite improvement of student’s learning. ”

--Marlene G

Apr 03, 2024


"Friendly and effective.”

--Joy H

Mar 30, 2024


"From the start, I've felt that our child was important to Tutor Doctor and in good hands! ”

--Tiffany Y

Mar 30, 2024


"Very profesional. Teachers are qualified. Good prices.”

--Angie B

Mar 14, 2024


"We have been so impressed with everything and are so happy we decided to take this step to help our daughter ”

--Bobbi Y

Dec 28, 2023


"Very knowledgeable about the school system and how to learn what my student needs to be successful. Very professional, friendly, and age appropriate tutor that my student can see as a role model, just as I had hoped! Reports after each session are very helpful, too! ”

--Marlene G

Dec 20, 2023


"The tutor makes my daughter feel comfortable and keeps her engaged. My daughter is excited to do tutoring. ”

--Melissa H

Dec 06, 2023


"Stefanie has been great and very flexible!! Brinley loves her. ”

--Laura B

Dec 05, 2023


"Our tutor Katie is amazing and works really with our kiddo. I feel like she really cares about his success and works really well to explain everything in such a way that he doesn't feel rushed or unheard, which can happen in his classroom. I am so glad we reached out and got started with Tutor Doctor!”

--Jewel G

Dec 04, 2023


"Individualized learning plan for each student. ”

--Kelli G

Dec 04, 2023


"Highly qualified tutor who really adapted her methods to my child's learning needs. Quickly developed a good rapport to a child who did not want to participate initially. Completely turned her attitude around so that she looks forward to her tutoring sessions. ”

--Corinna M

Jul 06, 2023


"Excellent communication and outstanding tutoring! ”

--Bridgid H

May 19, 2023


"I have already recommended you to a couple fellow parents. I think my son is making good progress and am enjoying seeing him enjoy the process ”

--Abrielle G

Mar 03, 2023


"The convenience and how wonderful our tutor is with our daughter ”

--Jennifer D

Dec 09, 2022


"Professional, kind, great communication. My daughter and is thrilled and we can see it’s working already!”

--Teri S

Sep 02, 2022


"reports after each session, great tutors for my child”

--Veronica S

Jul 27, 2022