Some of our latest reviews.

"Tutor has been very responsive to student's needs and issues."

-- Marty F

Aug 12, 2020

"Great tutors. Very responsive. The tutoring has been very helpful. "

-- Jennifer C

Aug 05, 2020

"Friendly professional "

-- Jessica M

Jul 15, 2020

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"They work with you and your child’s needs to find a good fit”

--Kelli W

May 22, 2020


"Responsiveness. Good tutors. Would recommend the Tutor Doctor. ”

--Jennifer C

May 06, 2020


"Personable and good customer service”

--Ebony G

Apr 30, 2020


"Great care was taken in matching my son with the best tutor for him, based on his learning goals and personality. His tutor comes prepared every week with activities that engage and interest him. He looks forward to his tutoring sessions every week because he loves his tutor and has fun with her, while also learning and becoming a more confident student. ”

--Mandy M

Mar 05, 2020


"Very personally tailored. The tutors are outstanding (at least the two i have had experience with). The results. ”

--Erik W

Feb 24, 2020


"tutors come to my home”

--Shela P

Feb 12, 2020


"Tutors have been so helpful to my son! His math grade has dramatically improved with the tutors guidance and support. I can see his confidence returning as well. Love that they come to our home, my son's learning environment!”

--Jodi B

Feb 06, 2020


"Kind, Ease of scheduling and professional.”

--Amber Z

Jan 22, 2020


"My daughter gets quality tutoring in our house which is convenient to us.”

--Kimberly B

Jan 22, 2020


" I love that you were willing to change to a different tutor right away when it wasn’t the right fit for my child.”

--Shelly P

Dec 26, 2019


"The convenience and flexibility of the tutor if something comes up or that we need extra help with.”

--Kelli W

Nov 21, 2019


"Communication is great and the flexibility of everyone is awesome. our tutor has done a great job! We couldn’t be more pleased! ”

--Robin F

Nov 07, 2019


"My son looked forward to his sessions every week. His math skills and confidence improved dramatically.”

--Cordell S

Nov 06, 2019


"Great tutor for my son. He was able to understand accounting concepts much better. ”

--Kathleen M

Oct 16, 2019


"It's great to have the tutor come to my house. Tutor balances work with some learning activities that seem like fun games.”

--Marty F

Aug 07, 2019


"Very professional. Good communication.”

--Steve W

Jul 31, 2019


"I like the dedication of the tutor. ”

--Yvonne W

Jul 31, 2019