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"I like how personalized it is. She is working with me and the teacher to make sure we are filling in any holes in his learning.”

--Sarah F

Jun 16, 2016


"The house calls, and the personal match up with the tutors”

--Rudolph J

May 19, 2016


"Bobbi is hard working and helps you find the tutor you need.”

--Alex O

Apr 27, 2016


"Home services are convenient and the 1 on 1 tutoring is what we wanted to enhance learning.”

--Reynold P

Mar 12, 2016


"In home service. Friendly and knowledgable tutor.”

--Lahela L

Feb 04, 2016



--Mina G

Jan 30, 2016


"Good assessments were done on our needs, a personalized feel, well thought out plan for the tutoring. A nice, calm person was a good fit for my son.”

--Hinda D

Jan 15, 2016


"One to one instructor to student attention and flexibility of schedule for tutoring sessions”

--Reynold P

Dec 12, 2015


"Experience and knowledgeable tutors. She is prompt and respects our family.”

--Randall W

Dec 03, 2015


"They come to me! That's the best! My kids LOVE their tutor "Kadeen" she apply the interest of my kids with learning”

--Mary K

Nov 12, 2015


"Friendly and willing to help!”

--Lahela L

Oct 29, 2015


"Personalized service. Matching tutor to child. My son loves his tutor, he says she's patient and nice.”

--Lisa W

Oct 23, 2015


"The flexibility of scheduling...”

--Wendy A

Sep 25, 2015


"- Credible tutor - Remains in contact & involved”

--Allen F

Sep 09, 2015


"Very people friendly and very committed!”

--Kyton F

Aug 13, 2015


"First of all..@ the moment I don't have a car:( the Tutor Doctor comes to the house! 2nd, Our Tutor Ray is Amazing. . He gets my kid's so Excited for their sessions.”

--Mary K

Jul 22, 2015


"I like how the tutors come to the home to tutor. I like how the tutors work with the family and their educational/personal plan to make the tutoring experience pleasant and effective for the student/child. Tutor Doctor, from the very beginning, has made the process of finding a tutor to come into the home for my children, very simple and easy!”

--Lahela L

Jul 09, 2015


"Excellent tutor.”

--Lea H

Jul 02, 2015


"How personal the plans are and the one on one attention.”

--Lee M

Jul 02, 2015


"In home service”

--Teri M

Jul 02, 2015