Panama City
Some of our latest reviews.

"Jay was the absolute best!"

-- Elizabeth F

Sep 28, 2022

"The tutors have really motivated my daughter to learn and have built her confidence. I also enjoy the feedback i get from the tutors after each session."

-- Jessica P

Sep 07, 2022

"The one on one sessions were so helpful for my student to improve his scores!"

-- Jennifer B

Aug 03, 2022

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"I like how my child was paired perfectly with someone who works so well with him! He needed summer help to retain info for going into first grade and he has done so well!”

--Destiny S

Aug 03, 2022


"Mrs Cindi has been amazing. Harper also enjoys tutoring and looks forwards to each session. Harper’s end of the year testing did improve as well. ”

--Amanda M

May 31, 2022


"Our tutor is very professional, always timely, and works very well with Ella. ”

--Victoria M

May 18, 2022


"The quick response, flexibility, friendliness and the quality tutors”

--Danyelle C

Apr 27, 2022


"Great advise on what might be the best approach for our daughters tutoring sessions etc. ”

--Tammy K

Mar 30, 2022


"How calm the tutor is when working with my child. ”

--Crystal G

Mar 23, 2022


"We are so grateful to have found a service whose tutors identified our daughter’s specific weaknesses and have tailored her tutoring to strengthen the areas where she needed the most help. The tutors are experts in their respective fields and know how to get through to our daughter. There is no doubt in our minds that her scores will far exceed her baseline after participating in this program. ”

--Sharon C

Mar 18, 2022


"One on one tutoring ”

--Jennifer B

Feb 02, 2022


"the tutor was VERY flexible with working around my hours to meet with my kids.”

--Jenn T

Dec 30, 2021


"Tutor Doctor has helped our son improve his grades across the board. ”

--Donnie C

Nov 03, 2021


"Flexible in finding the tutor who best works with your child, and wonderful results!”

--Kim R

Oct 27, 2021


"I love that the tutor comes to our home. That is so wonderful for busy families! I also appreciate the email updates from the tutor. ”

--Kristin L

Oct 13, 2021


"Jay is great!”

--Adrienne D

Oct 13, 2021


"The match for a tutor for our daughter was perfect. She feels comfortable with her and is making very positive progress. ”

--Tammy K

Sep 29, 2021


"You matched Ms. Elizabeth to us .She is a great match. She is fantastic. A true blessing . ”

--Lora M

Sep 29, 2021


"We love our tutor, Carrie. She is kind, patient and excellent at Geometry. She creates a a stressless environment where my son is able to learn. We are grateful for her.”

--Lisa M

Sep 01, 2021


"Trudy is excellent! Weems's grades and attitude toward school has improved significantly. Tutor Doctor has also instilled a competitiveness and passion in getting higher grades.”

--Lynn M

Apr 21, 2021