Some of our latest reviews.

"Lynde has been a great match for Auggie. He has autism and is a slow processor. She knows how to work well with him. It's been great! "

-- Jenny B

Apr 14, 2024

"Tailored to our needs and schedule."

-- Heather S

Apr 05, 2024

"There is so much thought that goes into choosing the right tutor for each student. We are super happy with who our daughter was paired with; she is patient, kind, insightful and explains everything in a clear way."

-- Autumn W

Apr 03, 2024

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"The tutor comes to our home and tutoring tailored to our child’s needs”

--Janice B

Mar 27, 2024


"We love working with Wendy. She is great with our son and makes learning fun and easy.”

--Charee F

Mar 15, 2024


"The care taken to find a tutor that is a perfect fit, the convenience of them coming to our home and having the billing/payments automated. ”

--Lu D

Mar 13, 2024


"Tutor Doctor matched two perfect tutors for our high schooler within the past 3 years. His grades changed from a C to B and finally to an A. It’s worth it. He now has a great chance to get a scholarship ”

--Petra F

Mar 13, 2024


"We've had great success with Amanda, our son's tutor. She has kept him on track and has helped him not only do better in school overall but has shown him accountability, so he is proud of the work he is doing and the grades he is getting. He also has ADHD and she has helped him figure out how to manage and organize his school work so he was able to go through this year, so far, without medication. She is super flexible with his crazy athletic schedule and does a great job communicating clearly. I have already recommended you to one of his friends parents and will happy do it again if someone expresses a need. Thank you for making his first year in high school a great one!!”

--Michelle M

Mar 12, 2024


"Tailored academic support for my children ”

--Natalie F

Mar 06, 2024


"I liked the initial consultation and felt a lot of genuine thought and time went into it. I liked that we were matched with a tutor who Maximus feels comfortable with and it has been the same tutor each time so they can build a relationship with. Steffan is excellent at communicating and will let us know even if traffic is bad and he is running 15 minutes behind schedule. He is very professional with Maximus and keeps him on track. He is flexible on what Maximus needs to work on and explains things in a way that Maximus can understand. He has proved to be a consistent person and support for our family and we are so very thankful we have him! ”

--Sara M

Mar 05, 2024


"We love Carl and Blair (our tutor) - our kiddo has improved his confidence and his skills exponentially since we started at Tutor Doctor. Absolutely the best decision ever. ”

--Astra S

Mar 05, 2024


"Most professional and since our son takes tutoring lessons, his grade in Math changed from a C to an A. We recommend Tutor Doctor to every High School Student!!!!”

--Petra F

Mar 05, 2024


"Brooke is very kind, tries to make sure all the bases are covered. ”

--Dee K

Feb 28, 2024


"Flexibilty in scheduling, detailed feedback after every session, quick responsiveness in general. And noticeable results with my child's progress.”

--Surina H

Feb 08, 2024


"We are grateful for having been matched with the perfect tutor for our child, helping with math and physics and strengthening confidence. ”

--Carolin H

Nov 22, 2023


"Quick response. Great tutor.”

--Corey M

Nov 09, 2023


"Setting up my child with a tutor that she learns well from. The tutor comes to our home and there is some flexibility to the schedule.”

--Janice B

Oct 05, 2023


"I'm new to Tutor Doctor but love that services are provided in my home for my son who is enrolled in an online public school. My son's tutor, Steffan, is warm, engaging and creative in his approach while working with my son who is on the spectrum and very capable. I feel we are partners in my son's education and am looking forward to what we can accomplish together.”

--Tomi B

Aug 22, 2023


"We've had a good match with our tutor, who has adapted her learning approach to work with our daughter's speech and ADHD.”

--Toni C

Jul 12, 2023


"Personal, friendly, flexible”

--Ilana M

May 24, 2023