Redondo Beach South Bay
Some of our latest reviews.

"This service has helped my daughter so much through the years. They are very efficient and helpful. They are highly recommended by myself and my daughter. "

-- Donna R

May 04, 2022

"Coming to my home and teaching me how to use my computer as opposed to a classroom situation using community machines"

-- Lorna C

Dec 12, 2021

"Tutor doctor is so wonderful. They are so accommodating and efficient. "

-- Donna R

Oct 20, 2021

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"Tutor Doctor has been so wonderful for the extra help my daughter has needed in math and now Spanish one. They always are so helpful and accommodating. They are top notch! ”

--Donna R

Oct 14, 2020


"Personal, relatable and quality tutors ”

--Catherine C

Apr 15, 2020


"The professionalism. Tutoring tailored to child’s needs. ”

--Donna M

Dec 18, 2019


"Tutors excellent - Cyrus and past tutors. Been with tutor doc for the past 3 years”

--Pearl E

Nov 06, 2019


"The teacher are very nice, highly qualified and really care about your child’s success ”

--Donna M

Jun 19, 2019


"Tammy is a great tutor. Appreciate her knowledge and scheduling flexibility”

--Sharon P

May 01, 2019


"The tutor we got was great. You should pay more”

--Robin A

Feb 20, 2019


"Very professional and fast response”

--Silvana A

Dec 19, 2018


"Tammy is great. Appreciate her flexibility on sheduling”

--Sharon P

Oct 31, 2018


"Fast, easy and effective and locating and matching a tutor. ”

--April S

Aug 01, 2018


"Professionalism and they come to your home. Tailored for your child’s needs”

--Donna M

Jun 20, 2018


"Tutor was very good. He came on time every single meeting. He was knowledgeable. He related very well to my student. Communication and feedback was excellent. Our goal was a significant grade improvement and that goal was achieved. ”

--Claudia O

Jun 20, 2018


"The personalized service you receive. I have already recommended tutor dr to many friends.”

--Lisa G

Jun 13, 2018


"Our tutor is awesome and so helpful! Tutor Doctor is the best! ”

--Donna R

May 03, 2018


"Great match of tutor and my student. Very courteous and professional.”

--Michelle D

May 02, 2018


"Great tutor who is professional and punctual ”

--Erin S

Apr 04, 2018


"Quick response from the office and the quality of tutor.”

--Kyoko C

Mar 21, 2018