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"Tyler has improved drastically. Lisa is great. We would highly recommend your services.”

--Denise B

Jul 11, 2013


"The teachers”

--Jannett J

Jun 26, 2013


"Hope you are matched with a compatible tutor for your situation......we were blessed with an awesome lady. Thank You”

--Doris B

May 29, 2013


"I like that the tutor comes to my house and the fact that if we don't feel comfortable with the tutor we can make changes”

--Karina R

Apr 10, 2013


"Extremely professional, practical... Well prepared personnel. The easiest way to quick learn in hours. Congratulations!!”

--Claudia T

Mar 14, 2013


"Tutor match was great..”

--Marissa L

Mar 06, 2013


"Provided the tutor. I did not personally have to search via telephone or friends or other services.”

--Doris B

Feb 27, 2013


"the tutor of my daughter, is amazing, She is very competitive and a great teacher!! I am very happy to see the progress of my daughter.”

--Linda M

Feb 14, 2013


"very personalized”

--Diane C

Dec 12, 2012


"They were very accommodating to our needs.”

--Carla C

Dec 12, 2012


"Very profesional”

--Adrian G

Nov 22, 2012


"Friendliness of staf”

--Tabitha B

Nov 14, 2012


"Reliable service and excellent results! My children have improved in school, and they are so happy they got the help they needed.”

--Tracy G

Oct 31, 2012


"Everything is Perfect.”

--Azeneth L

Oct 04, 2012


"Personal one on one. Flexibility. Our tutor was able to work her schedule with my daughters schedule and I didn't have to worry about anything. My daughter increased her ACT score 3 points after 12 sessions.”

--Mary M

Sep 27, 2012


"Tutor comes to your house and the sessions are customized”

--Theresa W

Sep 20, 2012


"The professionalism Mr.Velma displayed, her patience and care was outstanding. LJ really enjoyed each session. Great job!!!!”

--Leviticus C

Sep 05, 2012


"Availability and everything perfect”

--Joel F

Jul 19, 2012


"quality, convenience, excellent service”

--Adrian E

Apr 21, 2012


"I think finding the best fit regarding personalities between student and teacher is key in the success of any student when it comes to learning. Your company does a very good job with matching student with teacher. Mrs. Fournier is a very intelligent , energetic, and caring teacher. Blake is doing very with her. It's a pleasure having her a part of our son's education. Shiela Rohweder”

--Shiela R

Apr 18, 2012