San Diego
Some of our latest reviews.

"I like how supportive The staff members are at Tutor Doctor. I feel very respected and really appreciate how quick they are to finding the right tutors for me to be able to work with me and figure out the best workflow to work together. I really appreciate how supportive they are."

-- India W

Apr 27, 2022

"Codi is fantastic! "

-- Karen N

Apr 27, 2022

"The process was fast and easy to get started and the tutor has been excellent."

-- Stephanie W

Apr 14, 2022

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"-Report from tutor for each session -In-person sessions -Experienced tutor -Check-ins with families ”

--Kara C

Apr 07, 2022


"Prompt service Good customer service Identified well qualified tutor”

--Richard A

Mar 31, 2022


"Excellent tutors and the convenience of having them come to our home ”

--Jocelyn T

Mar 24, 2022


"Tutor Doctor really cares about finding the right fit for my daughter and always follows up. ”

--Stephanie B

Mar 02, 2022


"The level of responsibility and commitment that I perceive on behalf of the staff.”

--Luz U

Feb 28, 2022


"The compromise with the client”

--Pablo B

Feb 24, 2022


"Personalized tutor selection. Very knowledgable tutors & thorough feedback/recaps after every session. Our tutor is also very flexible & helpful if schedule changes arise.”

--Kristi R

Feb 23, 2022


"Both Tutors have been engaging and motivating for my daughter.”

--Frank S

Feb 17, 2022


"You get to know the individuals & circumstances to provide a better customized service. You're transparent about services & cost.”

--Viviene B

Feb 09, 2022


"They take the time to find the right tutor that can meet the student's needs, so that it is a good match.”

--Mabel U

Feb 01, 2022


"Our tutor and how kind and dedicated she is to Naja.”

--Aliya F

Jan 26, 2022


"Tutor's fluency on subject.”

--Ida P

Dec 29, 2021


"Good pairing”

--Andrew B

Dec 23, 2021


"We love our son's tutor Abraham!”

--Meghan C

Dec 16, 2021


"Professionalism and customer service. ”

--David G

Dec 15, 2021


"Easy to set up and great communication”

--Sharron T

Dec 09, 2021


"I felt Tutor Doctor really cared about matching my son with the right tutor. One that would work well with him personally and academically. ”

--Beth A

Dec 08, 2021