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"You're responsive and able to match my daughters needs to a perfect tutor every time!”

--Rita C

Jan 24, 2018


"My girls have very knowledgeable tutors helping them to fully understand what they need in order to attain their goals in their classes!”

--Melanie K

Dec 21, 2017


"Great tutors who come to our home.”

--Marisa A

Dec 14, 2017


"Tutor Doctor works very hard to match just the right tutor for their students!”

--Tiffany L

Nov 22, 2017


"The tutors you provide are excellent!”

--Rita C

Oct 25, 2017


"My daughters have used Tutor Doctor for three years. Every year they have different needs and each time a great tutor has been sent to assist them in their homework. I am very pleased with the knowledge and flexibility of the tutors with my daughters school and volleyball schedules.”

--Dee C

Oct 18, 2017


"Tutor is amazing! Our daughter is very young so I wasn’t sure if tutoring at such a young age would be beneficial but the tutor provided is great. She comes with different hands on activities every week and is very patient. We have already seen the results. The quality of the tutor provided is exactly what I would expect - high quality, she knows her stuff and is always very prepared ! We are very happy and would recommend your services ”

--Samantha E

Oct 17, 2017


"The staff and tutors are awesome! ”

--Devra L

Sep 20, 2017


"The professional and knowledgeable staff. Also bring patient with kids”

--Helen K

Sep 13, 2017


"Everything ”

--Matt S

Aug 30, 2017


"We are super happy with Ms. Samantha, she is a great match for Sophie, and a wonderful tutor. Thank you!”

--Tamara S

Jul 21, 2017


"Quality tutoring. Kind and caring tutors. Flexible scheduling.”

--Rita C

Jun 29, 2017


"I really loved the tutor that worked with our son. He was a perfect match for him. ”

--Devra L

Jun 09, 2017


"Individual attention and tailored to the needs of the child”

--Helen K

May 26, 2017


"Tiffany the co-owner is great about matching student age groups to the tutor, It made a big difference on how my daughter understood the biology material with a younger tutor! Thanks Tiffany”

--Ellen T

May 24, 2017


"Tried to find a good fit for my daughter ”

--Vinit W

May 10, 2017


"We love our tutor. ”

--Susan H

May 10, 2017


"Happy with everything it's just that prices are quite high. Love that you purchase a bulk of hours and then can manage directly with the tutor re: use of the time as needed since kids schoolwork isn't always consistent.”

--Sabine W

May 04, 2017


"Aaron has been a fantastic godsend. Unfortunately, I will not likely require his services for my physics class as my employer has offered me tutoring "on the clock" for this portion of my schooling combined with anatomical positioning and radiographic technique. I would give the absolute highest recommendation possible for Aaron Myeler. I`m sure he will provide the same excellent educational services to every customer in need that you match him with. I will gladly draw up a letter of recommendation for Aaron if you so desire. Just what the doctor ordered. ”

--Ty B

Apr 20, 2017


"Excellent, personalized and effective instruction. Thank you.”

--Tamara S

Apr 05, 2017