Read Tutor Doctor Santa-Monica Reviews


"The schedule is flexible and the tutor works hard with the student to make sure they understand what they are being helped with.”

--Kathy C

Mar 13, 2019


"I like that the tutor comes to our house at a time that's convenient for us-- it makes it much easier to figure out a schedule. And I'm SO thrilled with how amazing our tutor has been. She seems to understand our son and knows how to encourage him to focus and do the work. ”

--Amelia C

Mar 07, 2019


"The personal attention to our need and the willingness to make us a priority with our specific tutor when another client wanted to use him as well. ”

--Cambria G

Mar 06, 2019


"Wonderful tutors!”

--Barbara M

Feb 14, 2019


"The convenience of a tutor coming to our home.”

--Jaime G

Feb 14, 2019


"I like that you take time to find a good fit for the student. Your prices are reasonable and you give a feedback after every session. ”

--Eriss M

Feb 09, 2019


"Tutoring at home, personalized plans”

--Connie L

Feb 06, 2019


"Friendly and knowledgeable tutors who provide in-home, one-to-one tutoring. ”

--Sheryl B

Jan 19, 2019


"The personal attention ”

--Simone D

Jan 16, 2019


"personalized matching of tutors. Weekly detailed reports from tutors. Competitive pricing packages”

--Tracy L

Dec 13, 2018


"Great tutors! Prompt, responsive, and most importantly they are helping my son a ton. ”

--Kristen H

Dec 02, 2018


"I like the consistency, care and attention of our tutor. thx david”

--David S

Nov 28, 2018


"Darlene has made language arts fun for my son!”

--Sonia D

Nov 14, 2018


"Out tutor is the perfect match for our son, she is engaging him in a thought process with respect and motivating him in ways we could not. We are in debt to tutor doctor.”

--Julie (

Nov 14, 2018


"The tutor we have assigned to us is skilled, kind, an excellent teacher and very relatable. The rapid response to inquiry is great and clearly the attention to client service is valued at tutor doctor. We highly recommend the service. ”

--Valerie M

Nov 08, 2018


"I believe your service is great and I had an amazing experience in the past. I am just not content with the tutor provided. I feel like your communication and help with the matter was excellent though. ”

--Lisa D

Nov 07, 2018


"As a company, you have done everything you said you were going to do. Jury is still out on actual tutor as it's still too early to determine effectiveness. Professionalism of tutor is on point but, to reiterate, too early to gauge results.”

--Ty C

Oct 31, 2018


"I like how they find a tutor that best fits with my sons needs. They are very kind and understanding.”

--Sofia P

Oct 25, 2018


"I like this personal attention and help my child is getting from the tutor. He also enjoys it!”

--Leila M

Oct 10, 2018


"Very reliable and easy to work with.”

--Mariatereza A

Oct 01, 2018