Some of our latest reviews.

"That she is always there to help and is so positive about everything! Courtney is extremely knowledgeable and is able to help with both of our kids. We couldn’t do this without her!!"

-- Kelly W

Dec 02, 2020

"Everything, Completely Satisfied!"

-- Bradley W

Jul 22, 2020

"Very helpful answer question at any time will work on anything you ask them to "

-- Todd B

Apr 22, 2020

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"Tutor is great! We are very pleased with all they do.”

--Bradley W

Apr 08, 2020


"I like that you send tutors to our home and you match them up with our children. They get along great!”

--Kelly W

Feb 20, 2020


"Our experience has been great so far. David Taylor was quick to respond to my initial request for more information about Tutor Doctor as well as set up our first meeting. Payment is quick and easy. Our tutor, Tristen Taylor, is wonderful!!! She is prompt for our sessions and is flexible if we need to reschedule. My daughter and I love her! She is definitely an asset to your company! Jennifer and Lauren Ruppe ”

--Jennifer R

Jan 30, 2020


"Competency of tutor.”

--Jacqueline L

Jan 30, 2020


"It has increased my granddaughter's confidence and improved her grades! She loves her tutor and enjoys the sessions!”

--Pat W

Jan 18, 2020


"We are very happy with you matching our kids up with someone who can relate to our children. They are learning so much with Courtney’s help!”

--Kelly W

Nov 21, 2019


"Flexibility ”

--Kelly T

Aug 10, 2019


"Ease of doing business and the value of having an experienced professional assist my daughter. ”

--Kelly T

May 09, 2019


"My tutor helps me a lot to understand, I don't understand about homework assignment but she explain a lot easier than my professor. My rate is 10. I done passed all my classes this semester because she took the class before and I mean she is my lifesaver!! ”

--Jazzmyne P

May 08, 2019


"That’s your local and can help in any subject area. ”

--Kelli G

Mar 27, 2019


"Convenient ”

--Michelle B

Mar 18, 2019


"Octavia, she helps me a lot and I don't understand math problem, she explain to me and make it easier step by step, she explain other different subject that I don't understand. She is the best!!!!”

--Jazzmyne P

Feb 14, 2019


"In home”

--Jen S

Feb 13, 2019


"convenient; my child like his tutor and is motivated to do well for her”

--Michelle B

Nov 28, 2018


"Very direct and to the point with my son's needs. Extremely easy process.”

--Rodney H

Nov 25, 2018


"Teacher comes to us, quality help, flexible to our schedule, easy payment system!”

--Marchel T

Oct 18, 2018


"One on one tutoring designed based on child’s deficiencies or goals. ”

--Linda O

Aug 22, 2018