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"Considering all that is going on with the school situation out daughter's tutor is probably the best part of her education right now. He tutor gets her to engage and study. ”

--Wesley M

May 13, 2020


"Questions are answered quickly. Our tutor is extremely knowledgeable as well as compassionate and prepared. Home tutoring is exactly what I’ve been wanting but was unable to find before tutor doctor.”

--Blythe S

Mar 11, 2020


"The tutor for my daughter is very nice and gets along well with my daughter. She is very knowledgeable and willing to work on more than a single subject with my daughter. The pricing structure is very competitive and they are very accommodating with the schedule. ”

--Wesley M

Feb 12, 2020


"Professional, understanding. Tutor is also understanding and is working well with the student.”

--Harvinder M

Apr 25, 2019


"Very good ”

--Mike N

Apr 25, 2019


"Great ”

--Mike N

Oct 18, 2018


"Very professional and caring in running the business. Very good communciations. The teachers are excellent.”

--Srinivas K

Oct 17, 2018


"Having a consultation with the student to help know where the area of improvements are and matching the right tutor the best meet the need. Regular feedback including writing email from the tutor doctor representative on how the session went. Tutor doctor takes time to listen to both the student and parent and carefully make suggestions as they work towards the set goals.”

--Ayodele O

Sep 05, 2018


"Individualized attention ”

--Caroline C

Aug 10, 2018


"Ability to identify the area of weakness and strengths in the student, Detail oriented and consisted feedback on progress and having a well structured program. Dependable, flexible and certified teachers.”

--Ayodele O

Jun 06, 2018


"Very responsive, excellent tutor”

--Angela C

May 13, 2018


"The service is really centered around the student and meeting their needs. From the initial consultation, I liked how they incorporated my son in the interview process and got to know what his personality is along with his strengths and weaknesses.”

--Seneta V

May 06, 2018


"They are convenient, affordable and the tutor comes to you. I have learned tricks to help my kiddos when I am helping them. ”

--Stacy B

Feb 21, 2018