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"So far it’s been easy, convenient, and producing solid results. ”

--Mary S

Oct 16, 2019


"When I call a real person answers the phone. Jenny has always made sure my daughter has the best tutors. Our current tutor Erika is so awesome and really knows my daughter and how she learns and what she is capable of doing. ”

--Jenny U

Oct 16, 2019


"In home delivery”

--Lisa S

Aug 07, 2019


"Excellent service. Jake is learning a lot. Daniel is a great guy and I like how they get along great. Excellent match. I want Daniel back to tutor Jake for this next school year which will start on October 2, 2019. Will let you know more about his schedule soon. Thanks, Leslie Bartlett”

--Leslie B

Jul 10, 2019


"Tutoring that is specific to my child ”

--Alli M

Jun 26, 2019


"Lourdes is a great teacher!”

--Ally H

Jun 12, 2019


"That you find a tutor for my needs!”

--Angelique G

Jun 12, 2019


"The attention that the tutor provides to my kids. She perceives the problem, makes a plan on how to attack it and implements it. She gives me an update on every visit, I like to be informed. Thank you”

--Alexander C

Jun 05, 2019


"skilled and friendly personnel. Teachers are very knowledgeable not only in choosing the academic program more adequate to your child age and capacities but also in different intelligent techniques about how to approach to the kid and make them love what they are learning... That's priceless to me. ”

--Nelson Z

Jun 05, 2019


"The level of professionalism and the human aspect of caring is over the top!”

--Manny B

May 30, 2019


"Communication is great! Everyone is so helpful! ”

--Samantha G

May 08, 2019


"Very customer oriented. Concerned about customer satisfaction. Excellent fit for our son.”

--Bryan B

Apr 25, 2019


"Melissa is thorough, reliable and intuitive. My boys love their tutor and feel more confident.”

--Antoinette J

Apr 11, 2019


"How friendly and communicative everybody is ”

--Dana B

Apr 11, 2019


"The emphasis and effort spent on finding a match for the student who is compatible. ”

--Terry S

Apr 10, 2019


"Molly is a great fit for our family. I would recommend Tutor services to everyone.”

--Kristina E

Feb 26, 2019


"Love the personal attention to detail”

--Kari W

Feb 15, 2019


"Customization to my student and schedule.”

--Tricia H

Jan 30, 2019


"From Jenny answering our questions, Ann to make sure we received the correct tutor, and Colleen helping my daughter with Algebra 1: everyone has gone above and beyond what my daughter needed. Everyone cares so much for my daughter's math needs and her as a student. ”

--Jenny U

Jan 30, 2019


"Mrs. Byassee is amazing and a great fit for Tess. I love that we meet in home and I love the feedback and communication with every session.”

--Kerrie T

Jan 23, 2019