Some of our latest reviews.

"I love that the Tutor comes to our home and works with our schedule."

-- Suzanne B

Apr 05, 2021

"Rade matched my daughters up with wonderful tutors that were knowledgeable, patient and kind"

-- Julie W

Mar 03, 2021

"Responsive, knowledgeable, everyone has been great and easy to connect to. Our tutor (BJ) has done an excellent job."

-- Kelly C

Feb 24, 2021

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"Great responsiveness. Easy to fit into changing schedules. Comprehensive offerings to meet all needs i.e. essays, ACT tutoring, etc. ”

--Lew B

Feb 17, 2021


"Excellent choice in tutors, flexibility for scheduling and convenience of in home tutoring.”

--Karen H

Jan 13, 2021


"Caryn Coombs and Rade have been amazing to work with for our son. They have been accommodating, flexible, and encouraging and supportive.”

--Rebecca L

Dec 16, 2020


"Our tutor is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. And, the communication is great; quick responses to questions.”

--Elea S

Dec 03, 2020


"Rade Gratton.”

--Naomi R

Nov 25, 2020


"I absolutely love these tutors. They have worked well with our daughter and been very professional.”

--Krysal W

Nov 25, 2020


"I really like the online tutoring flexibility. My daughter can just get a short appointment time or longer one depending on her need that week. The tutor is absolutely wonderful and has helped her grades go up in math. I highly recommend Tutor Dr.”

--Julie W

Nov 18, 2020


"I would prefer smaller payment plans without costing extra. Since we pay so much in advance, I feel like we are always trying to monitor, maybe to a fault, how many hours we use.”

--Doug K

Oct 29, 2020


"Found a tutor that has so perfectly fit our son and family ”

--Rebecca J

Oct 25, 2020


"Tutor is great. Owner/Administrator very responsive ”

--Victoria G

Oct 15, 2020


"Great tutors that are well versed in their area. See results and improvement in my child ”

--Nicole N

Oct 08, 2020


"The option of meeting when and where it is convenient for us as well as the opportunity to find tutors that specialize in all different subjects.”

--Suzanne B

Oct 07, 2020


"Immediate contact and fast turnaround time with answers to our questions.”

--Jeffrey J

Oct 01, 2020


"Quality of tutors.”

--Amy M

Sep 17, 2020


"Great instructors!!!”

--Pamela S

Aug 18, 2020


"Rade, Listened to our concerns, matched us with a great person, took in consideration our schedules, helped us pick the best package for our needs. Tutor very professional and our son is very happy with his Tutor. ”

--Jean M

Aug 12, 2020


"Individualized plan for each student ”

--Bridget K

Aug 12, 2020