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"How accommodating they are”

--Rola H

Jul 11, 2024


"Awesome and fantastic services to parents and children ”

--Alex E

Jul 11, 2024


"Alan is a great tutor and works hard to keep Chloe engaged and motivated!”

--Jodie T

Jul 11, 2024


"My son enjoyed his lesson with Nina and James . They’re both professionals and explained in details so that my son understand. We have seen a great improvement in his English. Zayde is always willing to listen and help to the best of her abilities.”

--Shaneeza K

Jul 11, 2024


"I like the constant update and the feedbacks from each tutor after every lesson.”

--Dineo M

Jul 11, 2024


"Naomi is very kind and friendly. She teaches my child many things.”

--Rie M

Jul 11, 2024


"Amazing results with our son working with Tutor Doctor for over a year now. Our tutor is professional and accommodating to our schedule. Overall great experience!! ”

--Avalon L

Jul 10, 2024


"Our Tutor, Courtney, was so great with Michell. She made learning fun. ”

--Morgan A

Jul 10, 2024


"All runs well and a great offering”

--Caroline E

Jul 10, 2024


"The process is so easy and accommodating. Most importantly, I see it helping with my son! ”

--Macy B

Jul 10, 2024


"The accuracy ”

--Joyce K

Jul 07, 2024


"Using the online platform has worked for our son. His tutor has been very engaging & understanding our son needs. ”

--Michael W

Jul 06, 2024


"fits our schedule, reliable and friendly”

--Seanna R

Jul 04, 2024


"The tutors are knowledgeable. Staff help with improving matches and making sure connections are working well. ”

--Patty G

Jul 04, 2024


"I like that you listen to my requests on finding a tutor ”

--Dina C

Jul 04, 2024


"Tutor is so mindful of needs of my son and do all it takes to encourage and improve the language skills. Well organized as organization. Like so much the weekly feed back from the Tutor. Love the flexibility as well and smooth and professional communication ”

--Jean-Claude N

Jul 04, 2024


"The quality of the tutors and the response times ”

--Ruby P

Jul 04, 2024


"Great one on one help!”

--Kalene R

Jul 04, 2024


"We are deeply grateful for the profound influence you've had on our daughter's educational path. Your unwavering dedication, vast knowledge, and flexible approach have not only enhanced her academic achievements but also fostered her confidence, passion for learning, and personal growth. You have transcended the role of a tutor, becoming a mentor, inspiration, and guiding light in her life. We feel truly fortunate to have you by her side. ”

--Alice N

Jul 04, 2024


"Effective and professional ”

--Vanessa L

Jul 04, 2024