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"Emily is patient and tactful in getting my son to stay focused and engaged in his studies.”

--Samantha M

Jan 29, 2024


"Ben has been great working with Landon. ”

--Joel V

Jan 27, 2024


"Flexible scheduling. Excellent tutoring. Easy payment. ”

--Angela E

Jan 26, 2024


"We are so pleased with the exceptionally customer service we have received from Tutor doctor. We had very specific needs for our daughter which included test taking skills, and fine-tuning clarity in her written work, especially under pressure. The tutor we where matched with is excellent! We love Lenora. She is encouraging, prepared, creative and punctual. In a short time, we have seen improvements in our daughters confidence with real skills she can apply to test taking in order to show her understanding, and reduce her anxiety. We have also been highly impressed with office staff who are able to answer our questions, and are helpful and polite. The owner has even answered my calls after hours, when I thought I could only leave a message. Tutor doctors demonstrates real care to its clients. We feel respected by the quality of tutor they have provided which to our family shows a deep level of responsibility and care for the students they serve.”

--Leslie G

Jan 26, 2024


"Cassie is great and has been extremely effective helping our daughter ”

--Fayth H

Jan 25, 2024


"Excellent communication, professional and knowledgable tutors.”

--Jose S

Jan 25, 2024


"Caitlin was great with our son. She was accommodating to our schedules and super easy to work with. ”

--Liz N

Jan 24, 2024


"Tutor match guarantee is nice and we are super pleased with our tutor and the weekly reports we receive.”

--Candyce T

Jan 24, 2024


"Individualized education and sipper for executive functions difficulties”

--Dyana A

Jan 24, 2024


"The process of getting matched with the appropriate tutor. I also appreciate the safety aspect of using tutor doctors ”

--Giovanna B

Jan 24, 2024


"Our daughter is truly enjoying her tutoring sessions, she’s like her teacher and is gaining confidence.”

--Nom k

Jan 19, 2024


"Simple and professional”

--Michael H

Jan 19, 2024


"The tutor has been very helpful ”

--Emily N

Jan 19, 2024


"We were paired with a tutor very fast. Tutor is very professional, and my daughter enjoys their time together. After a few weeks I noticed a difference in her confidence and willingness to read. Overall great customer care, and would highly recommend.”

--Asma I

Jan 18, 2024


"Tori! Actually, I got results ”

--Shelly M

Jan 18, 2024


"Gamen can quickly find the shortcomings of my daughter's work, and she explains it in a way that my daughter can understand and accept.”

--Cynthia W

Jan 18, 2024


"Easy to communicate and reliable”

--Ama B

Jan 17, 2024


"The flexibility scheduling sessions. ”

--Alegria B

Jan 17, 2024


"Really good tutor and content he teaches is exactly what my son needs and is very well organised - easy to contact staff at the office if needed to - very good service”

--Carmel C

Jan 17, 2024


"You provide professional, personable, organized, and effective tutoring support.”

--Kerri B

Jan 11, 2024