Some of our latest reviews.

"Quality of tutors."

-- Christine S

Jan 24, 2018

"Great tutors who understand how to connect with students."

-- Anila S

Jan 13, 2018

"Excellent staff. Our family has used 3-4 same tutors for a full school term. Very prompt response time. My daughter really likes her current math tutor."

-- Susan Q

Jan 10, 2018

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"Tutors are knowledgeable and friendly. service is excellent”

--Ivana K

Jan 10, 2018


"we were paired a tutor that is perfect for our needs ! it is great in home visits -reliable ! our son has really come a long way since we began ! ”

--soux e

Dec 14, 2017


"The care taken into learning about the student.”

--Nadia U

Nov 08, 2017


"Good response to my needs and concerns. My daughter has liked and worked well with all her long term tutors.”

--Susan Q

Sep 28, 2017


"communication is great and all tutor my son had were very qualified”

--Ivana K

Sep 27, 2017


"The tutor is very professional, respectful and knowledgeable. Thanks”

--Rose S

Jul 01, 2017


"Great tutors, times that work.”

--Mike M

May 17, 2017


"that it is one-on-one”

--Lily P

May 17, 2017


"Great tutors!”

--Anila S

Feb 15, 2017


"The teachers are fantastic. My daughter looks forward to days with her tutor and her report card went from below grade level to a B. Amazing! Live already recimmended tutor doctor to a friend and now they love it too.”

--Robyn D

Feb 15, 2017


"The tutor we have is very professional and works very well with our son.”

--Zita K

Feb 08, 2017


"The teachers are fully qualified.”

--Christine U

Feb 01, 2017


"That it is one-on-one, 100% of the time.”

--Lily P

Jul 21, 2016


"I found Kate to be accomodating and flexible in working even in a difficult situation.”

--Joseph N

Jul 13, 2016


"High quality tutors”


May 08, 2016


"The tutors have a high level of expertise and skill in the subjects they are tutoring. The ability of the tutors to establish a positive working relationship and to tailor their tutoring to accommodate my son's needs. I'm also impressed by the level of professionalism. I really appreciate that the tutoring services are provided within the home and that parents receive feedback.”

--Mariella O

May 05, 2016


"If we are not satisfied with one particular tutor we may ask for another one. Our tutor is very knowledgeable about his subject matter. He is polite and helpful.”

--Caroline W

May 05, 2016