Some of our latest reviews.

"In home tutoring along with regular written updates. Good feedback from tutor."

-- David Y

Dec 06, 2018

"I am very pleased that there are many tutors available and that the tutor comes to our house."

-- Lana G

Dec 06, 2018

"Our tutor, Shawna is fantastic. We could not be happier with her!"

-- Stephanie P

Nov 28, 2018

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"Excellent ongoing communication with, and support by tutor for my child. Professional and courteous communication with knowledgeable manager.”

--James N

Nov 16, 2018


"Very professional ”

--Joanne H

Nov 16, 2018


"The services are personal and personalized. Work does not feel like it is coming from a "book". Conversations had with Stefan or Maureen are sincere and the genuine care for my children's educational future is there. ”

--Andrea R

Nov 02, 2018


"Very accommodating Very convenient Excellent tutors ”

--Tina R

Oct 17, 2018


"Very convenient friendly and personable. All the tutors we have been sent are excellent. ”

--Lisa D

Sep 24, 2018


"Prompt replies to requests, friendly, wonderful tutor. Just a great company!”

--Megan W

Sep 13, 2018


"Convenient. Thorough. Timely feedback. ”

--Gina G

Aug 27, 2018


"Very prompt, knowledgable and flexible. ”

--Tracey W

Aug 15, 2018


"will come to house! Business seems truly dedicated to helping students”

--Corrie G

Jul 26, 2018


"Very educated, intelligent and caring tutors. Our tutor wasn't just that, he was so much more. He instilled confidence and boosted my son's self-esteem. He has allowed my son to see his full potential and look forward to the future. First time ever, my son achieved straight "A's" in all of his courses! ”

--Sherry B

Jun 28, 2018


"Flexible hours, come to the house, making a difference to the kids performance at school ”

--Sheila F

Jun 25, 2018


"Excellent teacher!”

--Richelle E

Jun 13, 2018


"Excellent tutor; very knowledgeable and patient. He is also very accommodating to my son’s schedule. ”

--Tianna B

May 24, 2018


"Loved how Jean engaged my son in learning”

--Sherry C

May 17, 2018


"You guys seem pretty professional all around. Very impressed.”

--Jim R

May 17, 2018


"Maureen is super great”

--Glen M

May 04, 2018


"SANDRA is very thorough and keeps me apprised of all that is going on... a top notch job! Thank you.”

--Sherry L

Apr 27, 2018