Some of our latest reviews.

"Shirley works hard to find a tutor that suits my child’s needs and learning style."

-- Katy C

Jan 22, 2020

"The tutor you recommended is very responsible and helpful. "

-- Yang L

Dec 11, 2019

"I am happy with the quality of the tutor and extremely pleased he could come to our home, as that is our child's main study environment and it's much easier to manage with multiple family commitments."

-- Karen M

Nov 28, 2019

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"I like Kim LaForest and her support of Matthew and her ability to work with our family's schedule.”

--David M

Nov 28, 2019


"Everything ”

--Sherry G

Nov 20, 2019


"Very quick and efficient in selecting the right tutor for our child”

--Jane T

Oct 29, 2019


"Quality of tutor and customer service. ”

--Nancy A

Oct 24, 2019


"Tutor Doctor is a very professional company. Claudia takes time to get to the know the students and match tutors that would work well with each student. ”

--Colleen D

Oct 21, 2019


"Very convenience to me and whole teachers are nice”

--Tim L

Oct 17, 2019


"The specialized approach to picking the tutors and the ease of the relationship once the tutoring begins.”

--Bernadette A

Oct 16, 2019


"Quick response. Kind”

--Miho K

Oct 16, 2019


"The tutors are very trained. ”

--Ana S

Oct 16, 2019


"Kim LaForest is OG trained and works well with our son and has worked with us to tutor in house before school, which fits our schedule perfectly. Thank you”

--David M

Aug 22, 2019


"Extremely organized. Outstanding tutor. Your service is exceptional Thank you”

--Maryam T

Aug 14, 2019


"Excellent open communication and fast response.”

--Nicole S

Aug 08, 2019


"Prompt response, professional, excellent tutor. ”

--Shaadi S

Jul 18, 2019


"My needs were met and the folks at tutor doctor are very attentive - we have been impressed.”

--Kirsten M

Jun 27, 2019


"Excellent! We have already seen a vast improvement in our son’s math mark and attitude towards math in a very short time! Thank you”

--Tracy G

Jun 13, 2019


"Thorough, friendly, professional, helpful.”

--Gail J

Jun 12, 2019


"Tutor Doctor has been very responsive and was quick in setting up our son with a tutor. We also like the tutor doctor reports that provide us updates on our son's progress.”

--Mandy C

Jun 05, 2019