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"I like how our tutor is a special needs teacher for my son with special needs.”

--Madalene K

Sep 09, 2015


"Very flexible with meeting times.”

--Ann P

Aug 30, 2015


"Tutor, His knowledge and enthusiasm His flexibility in scheduling tutoring sessions”

--Mahinda R

Aug 12, 2015


"Steven is very knowledgeable and explains the material well.”

--Danyeil L

Jul 30, 2015


"I have seen improvement in his reading since he started. His tutor is very patient and has really good suggestions on how to improve his reading and his focusing. My son responds to his tutor really well.”

--Nikki C

Jul 08, 2015


"I like that my child was paired with a tutor that fit her personality. I also would like to note that they go above and beyond what they say they will do in order for my child to succeed. They truly don't just say they are going to do what they promise, they actually walk the talk, so to speak. I am very, very happy with that! The daily tutor report is very helpful to understand where my child is going and what she needs to work on as well as showing that they aren't just there to babysit. :)”

--Lori S

Jul 02, 2015


"My daughters Tutor has been outstanding, patient and understanding. My daughter feels completely comfortable with her tutor and really enjoys her. Glad I found you!”

--Laurie H

Jun 18, 2015


"The professionalism of which the tutor brings is excellent, and the service that matches up student with tutor is very well done.”

--Thomasene D

Jun 11, 2015


"The tutoring services are designed for the individual student and are very convenient in home services.”

--Rebecca F

Apr 30, 2015


"The convenience of having the tutor come to my home.”

--Jill L

Apr 27, 2015


"The professional approach, as well as the enjoyment my daughter has, and the overall improvement in her education.”

--Jeff B

Apr 03, 2015


"Im sure the service is great, but our tutor is phenomenal. She has done wonders for Jon.”

--Jeff B

Mar 27, 2015


"Tutor Doctor is professional and yet a very caring and personal service. My daughter has learned a great deal in such a short time. I am extremely happy I did this for her. She continues to grow each week. Thanks!!”

--Janet L

Mar 16, 2015


"I am so impressed with Tutor Doctor because they took the time to get to know my child and his specific needs to match the perfect tutor to him. My sons tutor has been very helpful teaching my son organizational skills, study skills, and helping him with any subject that he needed help with. My sons confidence has sky rocketed and his grades are improving in a short amount of time. So thankful for Tutor Doctor!”

--Riki B

Mar 11, 2015


"Prompt attention & service & perfect tutor match for our son. Thank you Tutor Doctor!”

--Madalene K

Mar 11, 2015


"I like that they really help. Not lazy about it in any way. Make it interesting for my son to learn.”

--Nichole T

Feb 25, 2015


"the services are in home, the tutor is the right fit with my daughter and gets along.”

--Vanessa R

Feb 04, 2015


"The care and genuine concern to help kids that are struggling. The detailed and well thought out sessions specific for my sons needs.”

--Riki B

Jan 29, 2015


"Our tutor is amazing & works very well with Isaac & his needs. We are grateful we found Tutordoctor.”

--Madalene K

Jan 28, 2015


"I really love Megan, my daughter's tutor!! I can text or email her with my daughter's current assignments as well as communicate with her directly about my academic expectations for my child. She tailors her sessions accordingly. It helps to have consistent, professional academic coaching when what schools have to offer is so inconsistent.”

--Mary B

Jan 22, 2015