Some of our latest reviews.

"Well-matched with awesome tutor. "

-- Kerry P

Jan 17, 2018

"The professionalism, the fast responses and overall service. Tutor is knowledgeable, reliable, patient and a great match for our son."

-- Vera C

Jan 12, 2018

"Able to find a good match that was knowledgeable"

-- James K

Dec 15, 2017

See below... more local client reviews:


"Bobbi works to find the right match.”

--Susan S

Dec 14, 2017


"Although we had issues with getting a tutor that would stick around, the one we currently have is great & exceeds what the other tutors were getting accomplished. It took a long time to feel good about tutor doctor & to feel able to recommend them because of all of the changes and instability that we were experiencing with them. It just sucks that now that we've finally got a good tutor, our sessions are almost up. It's out of our budget to continue past the original length of time...”

--Melissa D

Oct 18, 2017


"Bobbi and her tutor Brittney are excellent, flexible and very accommodating..”

--Blake G

Sep 30, 2017


"In home is so convenient. ”

--Lisa W

May 17, 2017


"Teacher quality is really good”

--Emi K

Feb 17, 2017


"I like the whole process especially the avenues in which you match the tutor with the child/adult. I think the process works great because it eliminates the wrong fit.”

--Latisha P

Jul 27, 2016


"I like how personalized it is. She is working with me and the teacher to make sure we are filling in any holes in his learning.”

--Sarah F

Jun 16, 2016


"The house calls, and the personal match up with the tutors”

--Rudolph J

May 19, 2016


"Bobbi is hard working and helps you find the tutor you need.”

--Alex O

Apr 27, 2016


"Home services are convenient and the 1 on 1 tutoring is what we wanted to enhance learning.”

--Reynold P

Mar 12, 2016


"In home service. Friendly and knowledgable tutor.”

--Lahela L

Feb 04, 2016



--Mina G

Jan 30, 2016


"Good assessments were done on our needs, a personalized feel, well thought out plan for the tutoring. A nice, calm person was a good fit for my son.”

--Hinda D

Jan 15, 2016


"One to one instructor to student attention and flexibility of schedule for tutoring sessions”

--Reynold P

Dec 12, 2015


"Experience and knowledgeable tutors. She is prompt and respects our family.”

--Randall W

Dec 03, 2015


"They come to me! That's the best! My kids LOVE their tutor "Kadeen" she apply the interest of my kids with learning”

--Mary K

Nov 12, 2015


"Friendly and willing to help!”

--Lahela L

Oct 29, 2015