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"Professional, kind, respectful, and helpful ”

--Hany B

Jan 10, 2024


"Flexible. Easy communication ”

--Janet M

Jan 10, 2024


"Personalized and tailored to the student. A good fit with the tutor, we feel that there was a good amount of thought and time allocated to finding the right match. Gillian has been responsive to any emails I have sent with questions I like the feedback reports.”

--Nicky O

Jan 10, 2024


"So convenient coming to my house. Experienced tutors that care about the student.”

--Regina H

Jan 10, 2024


"The knowledge of our Tudor was amazing. He was able to walk through complex questions with excellent direction. ”

--Leanne J

Jan 10, 2024


"The flexibility and expertise ”

--Noelline F

Jan 10, 2024


"Emily is AMAZING!!! I love the report that she gives about out daughter too! ”

--Lori P

Jan 10, 2024


"one on one attention.”

--Richard O

Jan 10, 2024


"Personal approach tailoring tutoring individually to students needs, excellent tutors, flexibility. ”

--Naama G

Jan 07, 2024


"My son’s tutor is calm and flexible when tutoring math 12. He is very prompt and has been very supportive.”

--Marena L

Jan 05, 2024


"The tutor (Daniel) is a great match, well qualified and knowledgeable. I felt like our needs were heard.”

--Erin E

Jan 04, 2024


"Reports are detailed and helpful. Especially the hours used/hours left. And, it is good knowing what was worked on. Plus, the tutor is AWESOME!”

--Tamara G

Jan 04, 2024


"Quality of your teachers, their knowledge and adaptability ”

--Simran A

Jan 04, 2024


"Organized. Great repoire with my daughter. ”

--Elaine P

Jan 04, 2024


"Professional and friendly approach ”

--Jerin J

Jan 04, 2024


"The experience we have had from the beginning up to this point in time has been nothing short of amazing. Josh couldn't be a better tutor and has the exact approach we needed for our daughter. She is thriving under his guidance and leadership. Thank you for making the perfect match!”

--Kristin C

Jan 03, 2024


"I appreciated the high quality tutor my son was matched with who had excellent communication skills. My son felt it was a great match and we would happily use the same tutor again. ”

--Janice T

Jan 03, 2024


"Our tutor spoke directly to what my child needed indicating he really listened to her and focused his guidance. We are tremendously thankful!”

--Jeanne B

Dec 29, 2023


"Easy process. Excellent teachers and staff. ”

--Willin T

Dec 28, 2023


"Very easy to work with. Return phone calls a quick response. ”

--Lainie A

Dec 28, 2023