Some of our latest reviews.

"Professional way of matching tutor with student. Tracking of student progress with report cards."

-- Sandra R

Nov 12, 2020

"Tutors are matched to students needs and personalities, making it very worthwhile."

-- Kirrily S

Nov 12, 2020

"All tutors have been matched to my kids needs and personalities. Hugh is very responsive to all queries. All tutors at Tutor Doctor are amazing. "

-- Isabella L

Nov 05, 2020

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"My children engage really well with their tutor, and I've seen the improvements on their report cards! I love that the tutor comes to our house, and is flexible when we need to change days or add some extra time to a session. ”

--Stacey A

Nov 05, 2020


"The tutors come to the house, they have always been very polite and respectful, very good with the kids and above all I know it is helping them where school has left gaps. ”

--Caroline S

Nov 04, 2020


"Reliable and professional tutors with a touch of fun and care. The owner keeps in touch and is involved all the way through. Although we talk to the tutor and it feels like they are part of the family, we still get the report on details on what was done every week. ”

--Farin E

Oct 29, 2020


"Great tutor, matched to my child. Energetic and well thought out less plans”

--Donna T

Oct 21, 2020


"A good match to the client and reliable staff.”

--Simon D

Oct 14, 2020


"Very quick with a response and a solution. Angus waa very dedicated to providing what was needed for our son.”

--Tiffany H

Oct 14, 2020


"very approachable, friendly and flexible”

--Hugh A

Oct 12, 2020


"Hugh matched my son so well to an outstanding tutor. I am a teacher myself and have been so impressed. ”

--Kathryn E

Oct 08, 2020


"The tutor is a good match for our boys, they enjoy sessions with him and we can see tangible outcomes at school. ”

--Carolyn B

Oct 07, 2020



--Maria H

Oct 02, 2020


"It works! ”

--Catherine B

Sep 30, 2020


"Both myself and my daughter have experienced first class service.”

--Bridgett F

Sep 30, 2020


"Alternative learning styles to increase engagement, structured feedback.”

--Helen W

Sep 24, 2020


"The aligning of tutors with the student. The tutor Dr takes the time to ensure the tutor and the student are best suited to each other. Has been a great success with my son.”

--Kathy L

Sep 24, 2020


"Personalised, 1:1 tutoring service that delivers on an individual brief. ”

--Nicole M

Sep 23, 2020


"Found Hugh to be very professional, caring and he has access to the BEST tutors that go above and beyond ”

--Betty B

Sep 23, 2020


"Tutor doctor does an incredible job of matching students to a suitable tutor. The weekly reports after each session and also very informative ”

--Anita C

Sep 16, 2020