Read Tutor Doctor Burlington-Oakville-Kitchener Reviews


"very good and respectful tutors.”

--Manar F

Oct 29, 2015


"Convenience and flexibility”

--Samar H

Oct 26, 2015


"I like the tutor very much -- Dave Allread ensured the personality of the tutor and that it fit like a glove with my daughter...makes a huge difference with outcomes.”

--Daphne H

Oct 14, 2015


"Well qualified and reliable tutors, regardless of the subject; Quick response to request for tutor; Good match to student's learning style; Convenient administrative system of requests as well as payment method”

--Julia F

Oct 08, 2015


"That you use trained teachers and that they come to your home.”

--Jennifer G

Sep 17, 2015


"My daughter struggled with science in grade 11 only getting 70% in chemistry. We hired Tutor Doctor and she ended her grade 12 year with an 86% and an acceptance to the McMaster nursing program. This would not have been possible without the help of the tutors from Tutor Doctor.”

--Christa M

Aug 26, 2015


"The Tutor Doctor Session reports are very helpful in tracking the progress of our client's language training program.”

--Global A

Aug 20, 2015


"John White is a wonderful tutor. He is a great fit for my son.”

--Sonja N

Jul 03, 2015


"Tutoring done at your house. Tutors are knowledgeable in teaching as well as subject matter.”

--Jody B

Jul 01, 2015


"The personalized approach, rather than working through a prefabricated booklet.”

--Margaret V

Jun 28, 2015


"I like the home service and the follow up or review that monitors how your child is doing.”

--Scott D

Jun 17, 2015


"The tutors my children have seen are very subject knowledgeable with the ability to relate & communicate to high schoolers exceptionally well.”

--Bill B

Jun 17, 2015


"The biggest seller for me was that you could tailor the program to fit my daughter's strengths and weaknesses. You asked about what she likes/dislikes so that you could find the best tutor match for her and you did very well! We love Vicky. I also like that you come to the house where she's more comfortable and that i can use the hours on any subject or allot hours to my other daughter if she needs help as well.”

--Meghan C

Jun 11, 2015


"1. Quality of Tutor's knowledge of subject 2. Good match between tutor's teaching style and learning style of student 3. Quick and appropriate assignment of tutor 4. Ease and convenience of scheduling and payment”

--Julia F

Jun 11, 2015


"Our tutor is very knowledgeable, empathetic and very flexible. She has helped improved our daughter's grade and confidence.”

--Alanna M

Jun 11, 2015


"Tutor is knowledgeable, communicates well with student and student is learning subject and seems to understand math better”

--Mary C

Apr 23, 2015


"The fact that I get a feedback on what was done with my kids. That really give me an idea of their progress. Thank you”

--Owumi E

Apr 20, 2015


"The tutors we've had over the years have been friendly, competent, and very good at explaining difficult concepts (to an unreceptive teen!)”

--Liana K

Apr 15, 2015


"I find the quality of tutors is very high in terms of their subject matter knowledge and personality.”

--Chris W

Apr 13, 2015


"We have been using Tutor Doctor for at least 4 years for our daughter. She has had 2 tutors over those years and both have been very high quality tutors and have helped her tremendously.”

--Linda S

Mar 28, 2015