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"Roger was an amazing tutor”

--Katherine L

Apr 23, 2016


"Super helpful, very professional and very reasonably prized.”

--Gaby C

Apr 21, 2016


"It was so much less stress knowing I could rely on a customized , highly rated tutor for my child at every semester in high school. The tutor worked with his IEP and my child grew to realize his own learning needs which will see him well into university. Learning centres are more expensive, noisy and my son had trouble concentrating. I don't know how I would have successfully resourced the excellent tutors without Tutor Doctor.”

--Alexandra G

Apr 21, 2016


"In home visits, tutor is fabulous and flexible.”

--Krista K

Apr 20, 2016


"The Tutor was very well matched and is very knowledgeable and accomidating”

--Brenda K

Apr 20, 2016


"Our tutor is amazing and so patient.”

--Dianne A

Apr 07, 2016


"the tutor that was assigned to my daughter was very knowledgeable, passionate and gave great instruction about the subject of math that boosted my daughters confidence in the subject and also her marks!”

--Nick B

Feb 10, 2016


"Flexibility and educated tutors.”

--Brenda L

Feb 10, 2016


"The tutoring has been specifically tailored to meet my daughters needs and requests. Feedback is relevant and strategies suggested has been successful”

--Chris S

Feb 05, 2016


"Reliable, helpful, punctual, convenient and definitely worth the money, time and effort”

--Samar H

Feb 04, 2016


"Jen Stark”

--Kelly M

Feb 04, 2016


"Great experience with tutor Doctor. You have helped my daughter out so much.”

--Renee B

Jan 20, 2016


"We are beyond please with our tutor, Nicole Sobiesz. She is so kind, helpful and professional. She is completely knowledgable but what we find most helpful is that she knows how to teach my son. Thank you!! Gaby”

--Gaby C

Jan 14, 2016


"Our tutor Roger, whom we have had for over 3 years, is extremely professional and knowledgeable and works very well one on one. He is great with my son in grade 12 and daughter in grade 7 teaching both math and sciences. I would highly recommend him and your tutoring company. Katherine”

--Katherine L

Jan 10, 2016


"This year has been excellent in terms of our tutor (Jason). He has been the best tutor we have had, Professional, knowledgeable and a great teacher. For people who are looking for a Math Tutor I highly recommend him, I also would like to say that receiving emails on hours used and feedback on hours available and information regarding previous lessons has been a great improvement. My daughters marks in Math and her understanding has improved so much. Her weakest subject is now one of her strongest subjects. Never thought I would be able to say that. Thanks Jason.”

--Robert S

Dec 23, 2015


"Our daughter's tutor (Adam) is amazing. He is professional and very easy to work with. My daughter has a much better understanding of the subject (physics) and she looks forward to her tutoring sessions. With the help of her tutor, my daughter has been able to get ahead so that she is better prepared for new materials being taught in school.”

--Lorrie E

Dec 07, 2015


"That we meet with a consultant first to ask questions and for them to inquire the student's specific needs. Also, the opportunity to switch tutors if the student is not connecting with the first assigned tutor.”

--Norma D

Dec 03, 2015


"The quality and selection of tutors is superb. My son has thrived on having a quality tutor come to the house which has in turn, allowed me to get my work done and create a positive and calm working environment for everyone. We have used tutor doctor for many subjects and his marks and confidence have jumped substantially.”

--Alexandra G

Dec 03, 2015


"We have a great Tutor, Darrin Mayhew. He is great at teaching my daughter and making sure she understands.”

--Kuldip G

Nov 20, 2015


"John is an excellent tutor!”

--Sonja N

Oct 30, 2015