Some of our latest reviews.

"Good communication "

-- Cara W

May 12, 2022

"Understanding clients needs and match with the right teachers for my children."

-- Grace C

May 04, 2022

"Feed back after every session"

-- Paramjit B

Apr 16, 2022

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"Quick service, reasonable price and found the right tutor to fit with my daughter’s learning style”

--Lorna K

Apr 14, 2022


"Great match of the tutor with my son, great service!”

--Seema M

Apr 14, 2022


"Tutor comes to home, private one-on-one session.”

--Grace D

Apr 13, 2022


"Tutor actually accommodates my child's need with Understanding and patience. Is punctually and Professional ”

--Raj N

Mar 27, 2022


"Very professional and helpful”

--Pavel D

Mar 09, 2022


"Services get results.”

--Lisette L

Mar 05, 2022


"I like that Tutor Doctor hires tutors who really know the material they are teaching.”

--Mark B

Mar 02, 2022


"Great tutor!”

--Darryl Q

Feb 23, 2022


"Brian is amazing. Him and my son get along great. I see a big improvement in Zaackery's speech and writing.”

--Tanya F

Jan 27, 2022


"Pat is so calm and kind. The kids can really focus and learn. They like going to see her and I'm really noticing Libby's reading is improving. Alice just started but she likes it too! ”

--Kate J

Jan 27, 2022


"I have been waiting for this feedback opportunity. I am very pleased to have Ida as my son's English tutor. She is very experienced, organized and patient with my son who is a special needs kid. When my son had a school project, Ida would adjust her schedule to accommodate an extra lesson for my son to make sure he can submit his project on time. Again, we are more than happy to have her aa our tutor. She treats her students like her own kids. Hope we will have a long term relationship together. Thank you”

--Susan H

Jan 26, 2022


"Very friendly tutor who has been extremely dedicated and flexible in helping our son’s academic goals”

--Corina J

Jan 20, 2022


"The consistent contact and feedback has been great. My son has also benefited greatly from his tutoring.”

--Daniel B

Jan 19, 2022


"Highly responsible and qualified ”

--Helen D

Jan 19, 2022


"Alyssa has benefitted tremendously from the tutoring provided by Tutor Doctor. Definitely recommended”

--Rob B

Jan 06, 2022


"Very prompt responses. Worked to find the right fit. Great feedback on tutoring sessions. Reasonable prices.”

--Lorna K

Dec 22, 2021


"The tutors are excellent and are very flexible with their time ”

--Francis W

Dec 22, 2021