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"Very professional. Great service!”

--Pavel D

Dec 08, 2021


"We got the help we needed, the grades went up ”

--Malgorzata R

Nov 24, 2021


"Prompt reply. Strong tutors ”

--Deb M

Nov 17, 2021


"feedback after sessions”

--Lyanne C

Nov 17, 2021


"teacher is very responsible, easygoing”

--Linda S

Nov 04, 2021


"Very professional and responsive”

--Daniel B

Oct 21, 2021


"Very good service and tutoring.staff is so competent,friendly and humble.”

--Rajwinder W

Oct 06, 2021


"In home with quality tutors”

--Pam S

Oct 06, 2021


"Quick response time and turnaround for support. Receptive to feedback. Empathetic. Appreciate importance of child’s learning needs. Phenomenal customer service. Thank you!”

--Sabrina G

Oct 06, 2021


"Patient and able to find creative ways to help child understand ”

--Kim O

Sep 29, 2021


"The tutor assigned is a great match for our son. She is able to help him focus and be organized while helping to deliver strong results in his work and during tests. Flexible billing options are also very handy. ”

--Joel R

Sep 29, 2021


"My son loves the tutor :)”

--Susan H

Sep 29, 2021


"very good”

--Guang M

Sep 22, 2021


"Very responsive by Peter and Quality product from Pat.”

--Megan W

Sep 16, 2021


"Tutors are Strong Communicators, listen well and they try their best to support the student need.”

--Suad H

Sep 15, 2021


"The tutors are kind and cater to my learning style. They are knowledgable in their areas.”

--Cindy S

Sep 02, 2021


"Great tutor for my daughter, she is very pleased, her grades greatly improved, thank you!”

--Sarah H

Aug 28, 2021


"Efficient ”

--Jasmine L

Aug 26, 2021


"It is very personalized based on the students requirements ”

--Rob B

Aug 25, 2021


"You have a third person that arranges the payments and schedules for the sessions. ”

--Rahma M

Aug 19, 2021