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"Peter is a great communicator and Pat has exceeded our expectations. ”

--Megan W

Jul 03, 2021


"Good match. Professional. On topic. Convenient.”

--Debbi-Jo M

Jun 30, 2021


"Consistent, great tutoring help ”

--Lee-Ann J

Jun 23, 2021


"Excellent tutors”

--Cindy F

Jun 17, 2021


"Jeshin and Peter have both been amazing to work with. Quick response to any questions etc. In person is probably still better for Jennas learning style but having said that, she has still benefited from this experience ”

--Belinda V

Jun 09, 2021


"Set up with written updates. ”

--Lyn L

Jun 09, 2021


"Flexible times for tutors and tutors are nice in general.”

--Sanjit M

Jun 09, 2021


"Engagement, support, clear instructions, working style”

--Yulia C

May 27, 2021


"Janine is a perfect match for my son in terms of making him understand math. She has been with Vijay since he was in grade 12 and is still helping him with university math.”

--Prathibha R

May 26, 2021


"Very friendly staff Very responsible Punctual ”

--Amber K

May 20, 2021


"The tutors are customized to your needs. Tutors are knowledgeable and very good at connecting with individuals. ”

--Shalash P

May 19, 2021


"great services”

--Myrna G

May 13, 2021


"I use them for both my kids. They are both getting a better understanding and are improving in john only their grades but their confidence in how to be better organized. ”

--Jenn T

May 13, 2021


"Flexible, and motivated learning style.”

--Suad H

May 12, 2021


"The service was good.”

--Aruna R

May 07, 2021


"I absolutely love how Peter took the time to pair my son up with the right tutor. I love A she is amazing and my son is happy and learning lots!!!!”

--Kam J

Apr 22, 2021


"Flexible and knowledgeable ”

--Ashley H

Apr 21, 2021


"Our tutor Suzanne is very friendly, knowledgeable and able to engage our children to get them motivated to learn ”

--Kate P

Apr 15, 2021


"Teacher is knowledgeable and patient. ”

--Lisa L

Apr 15, 2021


"you see results”

--Cynthia S

Apr 14, 2021