Some of our latest reviews.

"Tutor carefully chosen to match student’s specific learning needs. Session reports on activities completed at each lesson."

-- Dave B

Aug 12, 2020

"The quality of educators is very high. They know how to engage with the kids and keep there attention. "

-- Dan C

Jul 22, 2020

"Tutors are screened/reference checked, the ability to switch tutors to find best fit, flexible scheduling, in home service (and the smooth transition to video/audio/online sessions when in home service was not available due to Covid)."

-- Linette M

Jul 21, 2020

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"One-on-one matching up has been proven to be effective for my kids’ learning experience. Online option is not only invaluable during pandemic but also provides the scheduling flexibility during normal time. ”

--Sam H

Jul 14, 2020


"The match of my son Trevor with tutor Mourad was a great fit”

--Tracy J

May 14, 2020


"Tutor is carefully chosen to match the specific needs of the student. Tutor Doctor is professional and organized.”

--Dave B

May 06, 2020


"Jason is very good and choosing someone who works well together. Also the tutors are incredibly knowledgeable in their subject. ”

--Jackie H

Apr 23, 2020


"Hone and online access to tutor.”

--Eleanor A

Apr 22, 2020


"The tutors are friendly, patient and work well with my child. ”

--Dan C

Apr 22, 2020


"Qualified tutors, in home services, flexible packages”

--Linette M

Apr 10, 2020


"Deepak is extremely knowledgeable and is very good at making Ava understand the material ”

--Zinta E

Mar 11, 2020


"Convenience of having tutors come to our home. Flexible hours & the willingness of staff to make the most suitable match for the client.”

--Sonia N

Feb 06, 2020


"The tutor was chosen very carefully to best match our son’s specific needs. Tutor is very professional as well.”

--Dave B

Feb 05, 2020


"Convenient and tutors are highly qualified ”

--Jennifer G

Jan 29, 2020


"Payment is much easier in advance than We were used to before Tutor Doctor. Booking appointments, cancelling and adding extra sessions is easily done. I also like the email updates that provide details about each session and also give info about how many hours remain.”

--Yvonne L

Jan 29, 2020


"The commitment.”

--Irvane A

Jan 22, 2020



--Eleanor A

Jan 22, 2020


"Our tutor is very dedicated.”

--Shireen T

Jan 22, 2020


"In home service; tutors reference checked”

--Linette M

Jan 08, 2020


"Quick and clear communication regarding the schedule for the tutors”

--Mei W

Dec 19, 2019