Some of our latest reviews.

"The match of my son Trevor with tutor Mourad was a great fit"

-- Tracy J

May 14, 2020

"Tutor is carefully chosen to match the specific needs of the student. Tutor Doctor is professional and organized."

-- Dave B

May 06, 2020

"Jason is very good and choosing someone who works well together. Also the tutors are incredibly knowledgeable in their subject. "

-- Jackie H

Apr 23, 2020

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"Hone and online access to tutor.”

--Eleanor A

Apr 22, 2020


"The tutors are friendly, patient and work well with my child. ”

--Dan C

Apr 22, 2020


"Qualified tutors, in home services, flexible packages”

--Linette M

Apr 10, 2020


"Deepak is extremely knowledgeable and is very good at making Ava understand the material ”

--Zinta E

Mar 11, 2020


"Convenience of having tutors come to our home. Flexible hours & the willingness of staff to make the most suitable match for the client.”

--Sonia N

Feb 06, 2020


"The tutor was chosen very carefully to best match our son’s specific needs. Tutor is very professional as well.”

--Dave B

Feb 05, 2020


"Convenient and tutors are highly qualified ”

--Jennifer G

Jan 29, 2020


"Payment is much easier in advance than We were used to before Tutor Doctor. Booking appointments, cancelling and adding extra sessions is easily done. I also like the email updates that provide details about each session and also give info about how many hours remain.”

--Yvonne L

Jan 29, 2020


"The commitment.”

--Irvane A

Jan 22, 2020



--Eleanor A

Jan 22, 2020


"Our tutor is very dedicated.”

--Shireen T

Jan 22, 2020


"In home service; tutors reference checked”

--Linette M

Jan 08, 2020


"Quick and clear communication regarding the schedule for the tutors”

--Mei W

Dec 19, 2019


"Tutor matching. Perfect fit!”

--Alexandra C

Dec 11, 2019


"We are very happy with our tutor. A total professional. ”

--Angela F

Nov 18, 2019


"Flexibility ”

--Evelyn S

Nov 10, 2019


"It’s convenient and the one on one tutoring ”

--Jennifer G

Oct 30, 2019