Read Tutor Doctor North-Fraser Reviews


"Fast and friendly ”

--Natalie G

Jan 12, 2023


"Diane is seriously one of the best things to happen to my education journey ”

--Heather N

Nov 09, 2022


"I like that a tutor was matched to our specific needs. I also like that online sessions are an option, and the recordings are available in the library as a reference, if needed.”

--Amara G

Aug 19, 2022


"Quick response, reliable”

--Shannon S

Aug 10, 2022


"Initial interview process was very informative, and we felt heard with regards to finding a tutor that would be the best fit for our child. The tutor is easily able to explain concepts and change the explanation if our child is not understanding the problem (this was a huge issue with our previous tutoring company - they were not great at communicating different ways to solve math problems) ”

--Kris W

Aug 03, 2022


"My son has shown great growth with the program”

--Kirsten F

Jul 30, 2022


"I like that your company is professional. I like that the tutor is knowledgable.”

--Marie P

Jul 15, 2022


"Excellent service by Randy ”

--Malik M

Jun 29, 2022


"Reliable and it works”

--Pat F

Jun 27, 2022


"All tutors to date have been excellent.”

--Suzanne S

Jun 27, 2022


"Reliable, well organized and tutor was a good fit for my child. Provided him the help needed for pre-calculus 11 ”

--Jane H

Jun 24, 2022


"There is so much to like starting from the initial call with Randy. Made us feel comfortable and he matched us with the perfect tutor. The tutor was consistent and also flexible which worked well with my daughters busy schedule. Plus my daughters grade improved drastically, her anxiety lessened and confidence grew. We will be back next year!”

--Nicky S

Jun 24, 2022


"good tutors”

--Gosia W

Jun 24, 2022


"Excellent tutor match has resulted in a very positive tutoring experience for our student.”

--Sonja L

Jun 23, 2022


"Awesome ”

--Kamaljeet M

May 19, 2022


"Well Organized,, flexible, good tutor match”

--Judy H

May 18, 2022


"Flexible times and friendly tutors”

--Kirsten F

Apr 28, 2022


"The incredible amount of effort Randy takes to find the right tutor.”

--Audra M

Apr 27, 2022


"Excellent, well trained and patient staff.”

--Richard W

Mar 21, 2022


"-easy application proces -tutor was available immediately to start -professional -definite improvement with math is showing for both kids”

--Christina B

Mar 17, 2022