Read Tutor Doctor North-Fraser Reviews


"I like that recieve report each time of session. There are written in the report about very detail of session which I wouldn’t be able to know unless I ask specific question.”

--Mayuko Y

Mar 09, 2022


"Love the reliability and consistency of the tutor. ”

--Nicky S

Mar 09, 2022


"All tutors have been excellent. Professional, knowledgeable and able to adjust to each child’s needs. ”

--Suzanne S

Mar 09, 2022


"Very accommodating with time, finding people who fit with my child’s personality and knowledge of tutor- been very helpful for Jordan. ”

--Jane H

Feb 25, 2022


"Love our tutor!”

--Diana S

Feb 13, 2022


"Very accommodating and the tutor that we matched with was a great fit.”

--Susan H

Feb 02, 2022


"The flexibility, professional tutors who work with the student's classroom resource to help clarify and help students with their learning.”

--Andrea D

Jan 27, 2022


"The nice and understanding tutors”

--Fen P

Jan 27, 2022


"My son has really benefitted from the learning plan and electronic programs”

--Kirsten F

Jan 27, 2022


"Amazing quality tutoring! Anyone looking for a tutor I would refer to the tutor doctor. ”

--Audra M

Jan 27, 2022


"Top-notch tutors. Excellent customer service. Able to find different tutors when the subjects change for the new semester.”

--Shannon H

Jan 26, 2022


"Very accommodating and knowledgeable. The student was always put first and accommodations were made to ensure the student understands and has the tools they need to be successful. ”

--Jennifer W

Jan 20, 2022


"The tutor has been able to adjust each session to what my son is most concerned about or having trouble with. He is able to make my son see the problem in a different way using examples to help drive the concept home”

--Caroline H

Jan 19, 2022


"One on one lessons”

--Shannon R

Dec 12, 2021


"Easy to set up and tutor is great”

--Susan H

Nov 11, 2021


"Prompt and professional ”

--Catherine B

Oct 28, 2021


"Home visits”

--Dorothy B

Oct 27, 2021


"The tutoring is specific to the student's needs and the communication is outstanding. We are very happy with out son's tutor, and he feels relaxed enough to ask questions. There is nothing better that one on one learning.”

--Caroline H

Oct 20, 2021


"Good tutors”

--Gosia W

Oct 17, 2021


"My son enjoys his lessons and his tutor”

--Kirsten F

Oct 14, 2021