Some of our latest reviews.

"They help you find the perfect tutor for your student. My daughter’s tutor is phenomenal."

-- Susan G

Jun 13, 2024

"The tutor is very kind. He helps my daughter with all her needs about math and she feels more confident with her math performance. "

-- Laura C

May 13, 2024

"One on one instruction, attention to matching student with tutor, flexible schedule. Consistent follow up from Tutor Doctor co-ordinators."

-- Nicky O

Apr 29, 2024

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"Our tutor, Mehara, was a great fit for my son. She was encouraging, extremely patient, and flexible around our needs as a family. Tutor doctor did a great job in matching her to our child and his needs at the time. ”

--Sheri G

Apr 10, 2024


"We’ve had terrific tutors throughout the years, all from tutor doctor! ”

--Gillian H

Apr 04, 2024


"Excellent tutor and customer service ”

--Arif M

Mar 14, 2024


"Well managed company, tutors almost are very good and on time and with good experience ”

--Majid R

Mar 14, 2024


"They find matched tutor”

--Miho K

Mar 13, 2024


"Spencer is excellent!! Our son loves him-even though it’s school work. ”

--Chasidy V

Mar 13, 2024


"All tutors were very nice and good”

--Marihelen S

Mar 13, 2024


"We love the flexibility and quality of the tutor services. It has been invaluable in helping Our daughter through the last few years. ”

--Colleen W

Mar 13, 2024


"professional, friendly, accommodating ”

--Darcie Y

Mar 13, 2024


"Solid, very capable tutor who matches our sons needs and really focuses on positive reinforcement which is great.”

--Jennifer N

Mar 06, 2024


"He came when my son was available. And the tutor helped my son so much in his math. Thank you for your help ”

--Clarissa +

Mar 06, 2024


"High quality of the tutor. ”

--Miho K

Mar 06, 2024


"It’s very convenient, and they work quickly to find the right fit. ”

--Gillian H

Mar 05, 2024


"You are proactive each year and have choices if the connection is not there with the tutor and the child.”

--Bernadette A

Mar 05, 2024


"Tutor Doctor is really great at helping to find someone that matches the ways that my students needs to learn. The tutors are really flexible too in their scheduling, which is really appreciated as schedules change and life gets busy!”

--Susan G

Mar 05, 2024


"It was fast. And seemed to help my daughter. ”

--Taya +

Mar 05, 2024


"Personalized and tailored to the student. A good fit with the tutor, we feel that there was a good amount of thought and time allocated to finding the right match. Gillian has been responsive to any emails I have sent with questions I like the feedback reports.”

--Nicky O

Jan 10, 2024