Some of our latest reviews.

"Great tutor and local office. Friendly and easy to deal with. "

-- Tony B

Aug 23, 2017

"Reliable and friendly "

-- Anna F

Aug 16, 2017

"Professional and friendly service that is tailored to suit the pupils needs. Session reports to update the parent on progress, suggestion to move forward. Very accommodating."

-- Kate F

May 24, 2017

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"The exact match of student to teacher, well organised lessons, punctual, friendly staff ”

--Rachel W

May 17, 2017


"Becky is amazing and has build a great positive and constructive relationship with Joe. Joe looks forward to his time with Becky each week. Becky is also flexible in accommodating any changes to time and dates we may need on very rare occasions.”

--Martin R

May 10, 2017


"The Tutor”

--Graham B

Apr 26, 2017


"Specific to my child's needs ”

--Zoe B

Feb 16, 2017


"Friendly tutors ”

--Anna F

Feb 15, 2017


"The support, friendly and professional service offered. Most of all my son looks forward to seeing Becky and enjoys working with her.”

--Martin R

Feb 08, 2017


"The flexibility with the Tutor, the feedback i receive and all the help my child has received, can see improvement in the few weeks he has started.”

--Shafeen A

Jul 28, 2016


"Personal and professional staff”

--Dawn (

Jul 15, 2016


"My daughter's tutor has made a real effort to engage , set work of interest, and be flexible with attendance times and days.”

--Kate H

Jun 30, 2016


"Very professional service. Relaxed and inspirational staff that know how to tackle and teach all different levels of children. I have the same person teaching both my 10 and 13 year old's and she really does know how to boost each child's weak points and encourage them to try their best. Can't ask for anything more than the children to be confident and work to the best of their abilities.”

--Gurnham G

May 22, 2016


"Convenient child likes Tutor and getting the required time and help”

--Latisha A

May 11, 2016


"Has given my son excellent confidence. The tutor is flexible for our family life. Also always on time and the teaching style is tailored to my son's needs. He looks forward to his lesson every week.”

--Ben J

Apr 28, 2016


"Email updates are excellent and caters to child's needs. Catherine Gordon is an excellent tutor who has excellent teaching techniques.”

--Hardeep D

Apr 14, 2016


"Very thorough, good time keepers. Always keep us informed”

--John F

Mar 31, 2016


"Very professional, friendly tutours”

--Donna S

Feb 25, 2016


"Service is very professional and flexible. Felt like the service was tailored to my sons needs.”

--Richard P

Feb 24, 2016


"Tutor Doctor is a professional organisation that cater for all levels of students. They look at the school reports and then find the "best fit" to match up who the student will feel comfortable with. They provide a report after each session so as a parent I know what the hour has been spent on. I have seen my son excel in the last year. He has gained the confidence to tackle new opportunities and research topic's on a wider spectrum. I would recommend the company without any hesitation.”

--Gurnham G

Feb 12, 2016