Some of our latest reviews.

"Tutors come to our home Easy payment by Direct Debit Weekly report on tutoring sessions Patient calm approach by tutors Tangible improvement in school results"

-- Victoria J

Nov 25, 2021

"Tailored services to customer need."

-- Stephanie C

Nov 07, 2021

"Great teacher style. Can see the impact in my boys as they are advancing well. Excellent "

-- Georgia W

Oct 07, 2021

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"The way you make it personal to suit each child’s needs. Abd the feedback given.”

--Naila S

Sep 30, 2021


"Efficient Friendly Effective”

--Sue W

Sep 15, 2021


"Efficiency ”

--Daniella R

Jun 24, 2021


"Good communication”

--Kate T

May 27, 2021


"Tutor Doctor explains things that the student doesn't understand or can not do in an easy way that sticks in the pupil's head. They also give the student challenging homework, then gives feedback”

--Abayakaran V

May 20, 2021


"Very professional and highly qualified tutors. I would highly recommend. ”

--Muna G

Apr 07, 2021


"Setting up my daughter’s Spanish lessons with Paul and our tutor Lucy has been very smooth and our lessons started straight away, with good content and the right amount of homework.”

--Deborah G

Mar 17, 2021


"Reliable and easy to contact. Quality vetted tutors. Good communication ”

--Helen B

Mar 14, 2021


"Efficient and they make sure the tutor matches the student, no matter how many times we need to try.”

--Jennifer P

Mar 10, 2021


"Friendly Thorough assessment of child’s needs Excellent tutors ”

--Sue W

Mar 03, 2021


"Good tutor, clear reporting / sharing of information & communication. ”

--Kate T

Feb 25, 2021


"They have made sure we are 100% happy with our tutor.”

--Jennifer P

Dec 09, 2020


"Very efficient and friendly ”

--Sue W

Dec 02, 2020


"The customer care was excellent.”

--Stephanie S

Dec 02, 2020


"Speed of finding a Tutor, efficient service and excellent level of communication.”

--Kate T

Nov 19, 2020


"Very flexible, great communication and of course a superb tutor.”

--Sarah L

Oct 15, 2020


"A personal approach matching the right tutor to the needs of the student. Our tutor has been fantastic .”

--Rachel M

Oct 14, 2020