Some of our latest reviews.

"Friendly proefssional approach with Tutors who go the extra mile!!"

-- Jane R

Nov 18, 2021

"Viv is very good at matching your need with tutors, she’s extremely helpful and knowledgeable. All the tutors I’ve had have been great."

-- Katherine P

Nov 17, 2021

"Efficiency courtesy and professionalism in addition to tutoring standards"

-- Emma M

Nov 07, 2021

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"Been very pleased with the tutor's approach”

--Adrian P

Oct 20, 2021


"We have had a fantastic experience with the Stansted branch. Professional and friendly. My son’s grades went up by two levels so very pleased. Thank you to Viv and her tutors!! ”

--Arti S

Sep 23, 2021


"Very responsive service and prompt ”

--Vivienne L

Sep 21, 2021


"The process was simple and we’ve been matched with an amazing tutor who completely understands my son with SEN. He does more work with his tutor from Tutor Doctor than he does at school! Plus he looks forward to her visits every week. ”

--Laura E

Sep 08, 2021


"Tutor Doc took time to establish what I wanted for my daughter and then spent time talking to Olivia to find the right match for her needs”

--Jane R

Aug 21, 2021


"Tailored to suit your child ”

--Carlie R

Jul 02, 2021


"Communication and reports and detail - basically everything!!! ”

--Arti S

Jun 16, 2021


"Very professional and friendly tutor”

--Lisa G

May 06, 2021


"Client centred and way of matching tutors to client. ”

--Dani E

Apr 29, 2021


"Knowledgeable, amiable tutors and flexible service”

--Cindy G

Apr 21, 2021


"Flexible, personable tutors and regular feedback. Great technical expertise.”

--Kate K

Apr 15, 2021


"Personal and professional Also stretching the students to their full potential whilst still enjoying learning ”

--Emma M

Apr 07, 2021


"My son is first year GCSE student who really struggles in English. Was predicted a 4 and within a term moved to 6 with a view to getting minimum 7!!! From on boarding to starting with a tutor you are dealing with professional qualified teachers with experience. A face to face meeting to get to know my son which was brilliant . Also a detailed report about the structure of the lesson prior to the lesson and a detailed report after the lesson with feedback on how my son is getting on. I had the option of going with a degree educated student who was charging me a very low fee but please remember you get what you pay for. At TD it’s first class experienced tutors!”

--Arti S

Mar 25, 2021


"Very professional and caring to your child’s needs with lovely tutors ”

--Charlotte E

Mar 24, 2021


"Communication ”

--Alex B

Mar 24, 2021


"Viv is great at identifying a suitable tutor who meets the needs of my daughter for where she is with her exam planning etc”

--Krystina E

Mar 17, 2021


"Always on call for advice and take on board your concerns/suggestions. ”

--Katrina C

Mar 10, 2021