Read Tutor Doctor West-Hertfordshire Reviews


"Each tutor has been good.”

--Mark S

Feb 26, 2016


"Find the right kind of tutor”

--Mari R

Feb 25, 2016


"The initial briefing session was handled in a way which engaged with my son directly, as well as including our (parents) input this I thought was very well done. The process for enrolling was smooth, and easy to use.”

--Philina T

Feb 19, 2016


"The service is very professional and care is taken to ensure that the right tutor is a match. The engagement not only between the pupil is second to none but also the dialogue with the parents/carers. Highly professional and are very accommodating to meet your needs and spend the time give assurance to both pupil and parent/carer. My only regret is that I had not done this sooner for my daughter.”

--Moira T

Feb 18, 2016


"Tutor Doctor takes the hassle out of finding a suitable tutor. I like the fact that they initially come to the house to discuss the needs of the child prior to pairing child with tutor.”

--Lyn S

Feb 17, 2016


"Can be tailored to individual needs”

--Lorna G

Jan 27, 2016


"The Tutors are very professional, very prompt with any queries. On the whole the service it top class.”

--Ronelle R

Jan 20, 2016


"The effort that goes in to matching the tutor and child”

--Alison W

Jan 14, 2016


"Sacha is an excellent teacher. She explains well and listens well. My Daughter enjoys the lesson and her work is already much improved. Early days for Mikael but he seems organised and a good teacher.”

--Bev M

Jan 13, 2016


"Personal service is great!”

--Christine E

Jan 07, 2016


"Very good tailored tutoring.”

--Tessa E

Jan 06, 2016


"I've been very impressed with the quality of the teachers selected to teach my son. The care taken to match the student to the teacher has again resulted in improved results at school.”

--Brian L

Dec 30, 2015


"Keighley has been fantastic. She is an outstanding teacher who has really engaged my daughter to learn and this is reflected not only in her end of year 6 SATs grades but her enthusiasm for learning at secondary school. Keighley prepares thoroughly for each lesson around my child's learning needs but is equally happy to "go off plan" when the need arises. She has a lovely teaching style which combines fun with hard work.”

--Rachel H

Dec 24, 2015


"Communication is very important and i haven't ever felt like just another customer, the service is very personal.”

--Rebecca O

Dec 17, 2015


"The attention given to selecting the right tutor for the student”

--Zeliha G

Dec 17, 2015


"They are awesome and really know what they are doing.”

--Zoe G

Dec 03, 2015


"tutor quality is great”

--Mari R

Nov 21, 2015


"High quality tutor who is flexible and reliable.”

--Giselle O

Nov 18, 2015


"I like the personal touch. The way in which you are visited in the home and the student is involved to help find the perfect match.”

--Tracy H

Nov 17, 2015


"A fast efficient service providing high quality tutors.”

--Susan Z

Nov 12, 2015