Read Tutor Doctor West-Hertfordshire Reviews


"A fast efficient service providing high quality tutors.”

--Susan Z

Nov 12, 2015


"Good match of tutor to child.”

--Michael R

Nov 12, 2015


"Ease of finding a suitable tutor.”

--Sally E

Nov 05, 2015


"Highly commended and flexible tutors”

--Victor A

Oct 29, 2015


"The initial assessment session so that the right tutor was matched to my son's needs. Also, the flexibility in being able to change tutors if the tutor isn't the right person for my son.”

--Nicola C

Oct 08, 2015


"organised with good prior planning - strong communication and efficient systems”

--Tracey M

Oct 01, 2015


"Ease of use because the tutor comes here to our home.”

--Carol A

Oct 01, 2015


"You invested time to get to know my child and match her needs / personality to a tutor.”

--Rachel H

Sep 30, 2015


"We have had a few tutors over the years and the Tutor Doctor tutor is head and shoulders over the others”

--Tessa E

Sep 25, 2015


"The Personal involvement and the complete understanding of the child being supported which then leads to providing the best teacher for the needs of the child.”

--Brian L

Sep 17, 2015


"Very helpful and quick at finding a tutor suitable for m child's needs”

--Madeleine D

Aug 27, 2015


"I initially enlisted the help of Tutor doctor to help my son with 11+ prep. I have found the inital consultaion very helpful, personable and Gordon totally understood our needs. Our tutor has been absolutley brilliant with our son, he has learnt and absorbed so much and more importantly has enjoyed the tuition sessions. They have increased his confidence and speed during a test environment. I would definately recommend Tutor Doctor. KD”

--Keerti D

Aug 20, 2015


"Extremely good match of tutor to pupil.”

--Michael R

Jul 30, 2015


"Our tutor is exactly what our daughter needed, the best investment ever. Our tutor know exactly how to support us all.”

--Zoe G

Jun 25, 2015


"The set up of the tutor coming to our home works really well for us as a family. Keighley has developed a good relationship with John and pinpointed where his strengths and weaknesses are. I think thus would be more difficult in a large group situation.”

--Carol A

Jun 20, 2015


"The variety of tutors that are available. Tutor always prompt, keeps us up to date with how many sessions left and gives advice on when things are required to be submitted for.”

--Helen C

Jun 19, 2015


"Very personal and accurate match found.”

--Rebecca J

Jun 11, 2015


"I like the fact that I am kept fully informed about lesson content and how my son is progressing.”

--Mark S

Jun 11, 2015


"The tutoring that my son Joseph received was exceptional. The tutor [Vik] quickly built a great working relationship with Joseph. His knowledge of and passion for his subject was contagious and the sensitive and supportive way in which he explained concepts and encouraged Joseph was highly effective. Both Joseph and I are confident that what he has learned from Vik has made a significant difference to his learning and his exam technique.”

--Susan C

Jun 03, 2015


"The recommended tutor is fabulous and works very well with our daughter.”

--Karen S

May 06, 2015