Some of our latest reviews.

"The tutors worked closely one in one with my daughter in our home and always encouraged her to do her best and continually supported and encouraged her while helping her achieve her educational goals. "

-- Richard P

Nov 25, 2019

"the services met our dates and times, we were satisfied with the results, student had continuous improvement. "

-- Edward C

Jun 26, 2019

"I like that the tutor comes to your home and we like our tutor Nikki. She is very encouraging and enthusiastic. My son really likes her."

-- Amy A

Apr 25, 2019

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"They are pretty flexible as to location and the instructors show competency in there given subject andm most of all are liked by the student.”

--Gillian W

Mar 20, 2019


"Professional, Informed, Passionate”

--Edward C

Dec 26, 2018


"I like that you come to the house and that you have a tutor who is a special education teacher as well as an advocate to work with children with disabilities.”

--Amy A

Oct 24, 2018


"Great services ”

--Shivonne J

Mar 14, 2018


"Outstanding tuturs”

--Elise/Andrew C

Feb 11, 2018


"Very professional and helps students in that wright areas needed ”

--Felix R

May 24, 2017


"It works!”

--Sammy R

Dec 29, 2016


"Megan was amazing at helping me understand my college algebra equations. She was able to break it down to make it easily understood. Her availability was also amazing, she was able to meet me anytime I needed. ”

--Cassie G

Dec 15, 2016


"I love it very much. My tutor makes me feel very comfortable with asking questions I do not know the answer to. My tutor can always work around my schedule! It can get pretty hectic sometimes but It's great.”

--Ebonie G

Dec 14, 2016


"Elizabeth was very knowledgable in terms of figuring out kids approach to learning. She was able to find us a great tutor”

--Jawad M

Jul 21, 2016


"Our Tutor is great and very flexible if we have to reschedule our regular weekly session. She was the first Tutor that we were assigned and have been working with her every since. Our son loves working with her and she always is very patient with him. Our son has mild ADHD so sometimes it can be difficult to have him concentrate on his work. The tutor is great and would definitely recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone who needs it. Thank you!”

--Natalie J

Jun 17, 2016


"Communicate very effectively, thorough written reports after each session, quality tutoring services.”

--Anja Z

May 18, 2016


"Prompt return of phone calls, very polite and considerate of what we needed. Over the phone tutoring worked out very well for us.”

--Trish F

Mar 16, 2016


"Tutor accommodates my son's learning style”

--Rob P

Jan 20, 2016


"I like that the tutoring services are 1-1, and that they will go to the student's home if an adult or parent is present. I also like their flexibility and willingness to meet with students in public places and on the weekends. For my personal experience I like the fast response time in coming out to complete the assessment and matching the student with a tutor right away. I like that I received a progress report on the student's sessions.”

--Andre A

Jan 14, 2016


"The dedication, consistency, and the positive results. I am seeing improvement after a discouraging period where Isaiah was having much difficulty in reading. Thank- you”

--Gail B

Dec 16, 2015


"Elizabeth was very pleasant to talk to, she understood what Colleen needed right away. The tutor sessions have been working out great.”

--Trish F

Dec 12, 2015