Some of our latest reviews.

"Is the best"

-- Hilda Z

Jan 07, 2023

"Very personalized! "

-- Jessica B

Jul 27, 2022

"We are so thankful from the help our tutor is giving to our kiddos! "

-- Rachael A

Jul 20, 2022

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"The enrollment process was detailed. Seem to understand what my child needed ”

--Chuma N

Apr 14, 2022


"Tutors come to your home. Effort is made to assign suitable tutor to meet students’ individual needs. ”

--Alisia S

Apr 13, 2022


"Tutor doctor is tailored to my students needs. I love the one on one tutoring she receives in our home. No stress of rushing after school to make it to an appointment. The tutor doctor has taught my daughter valuable study habits she will have for her entire life. ”

--Elizabeth S

Mar 30, 2022


" Gracie was very good with my daughter. She has helped her tremendously with organization, homework, and her confidence. ”

--Alkesha M

Mar 22, 2022


"Convenience, attention to students”

--Ana D

Feb 18, 2022


"Always responsive to requests and needs of customers! Always friendly and professional.”

--Rene C

Dec 16, 2021


"My son really likes his tutor and his grades have steadily improved.”

--Tony M

Nov 19, 2021


"The tutor is friendly. He’s also flexible with time.”

--Jennifer S

Nov 10, 2021


"Personalized to meet my daughters needs and both tutors we have had are very well qualified.”

--Elizabeth S

Aug 18, 2021


"It helps kids to get caught up in subjects that they don’t get at school. ”

--Hamid P

Jun 09, 2021


"I'm amazing, they are very nice.”

--Shokoufeh E

May 26, 2021


"Very happy with our tutor! Communication is very open.”

--Kim S

Apr 20, 2021


"Individual help for my child in my home”

--Elizabeth S

Mar 10, 2021


"Ease of scheduling. Tailored to my child.”

--Elizabeth E

Mar 10, 2021


"The human convection, Peter has been creating a very good connection whit my son, Felix admired him and take very happy his classes.”

--Dinorah S

Mar 10, 2021


"It helps as far as making children more ready and understand the subjects better. ”

--Hamid P

Mar 10, 2021


"Always responsive and excellent customer service ”

--Rene C

Feb 18, 2021